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Grow your brand’s following with an influencer marketing agency in London

by Sarah Dunsby
13th Sep 22 1:53 pm

The era of print and commercial-led marketing has seemingly come to an end. With most of the young generation’s attention focused on their smartphones, regular television channels where these commercial ads play do not reach as much audience anymore.

It comes as no surprise, however, with how active the youth are online. Just a few clicks and taps and they have access to media being streamed online, and for this reason, brands have transitioned into showing their presence on online platforms as well.

What’s really grown over the past years is the number of influencers who are also referred to as brand ambassadors.

Continue reading this article to find out just how much of an effect these brand ambassadors have on consumers and why an influencer marketing agency in London like NERDS Collective is a partner you would like on your team to make your business grow exponentially.

What does an influencer marketing agency in London do?

As the term suggests, an influencer marketing agency is a team who facilitates the handling of influencer-led campaigns.

They act as an extension of your brand and have the responsibility to find influencers who fit your company’s image and ensure that campaigns that are targeted to the youth are rolling out consistently.

Influencer marketing agencies are also responsible for connecting different businesses to influencers depending on the type of campaign that is needed.

Why is an influencer marketing agency in London vital in growing your brand?

Gen Z consumers are very picky and particular with the brands they make interactions with. Their awareness of different marketing gimmicks makes them susceptible to old, outdated ones, which is why for them, it is important to really get to know the brands they are following.

But how does that exactly happen?

It is important for companies to keep up with the young generation. Following the trends or creating new ones can absolutely impact a brand’s reputation and get them the attention they need to generate sales and consumer interaction.

Marketing agencies focusing on Gen Z know the market like the back of their hand, making it possible for them to come up with fresh, innovative ideas to garner the youth’s attention.

With the popularity brands ambassadors are enjoying currently, it just goes to show how consumers prefer them to A-list celebrities. This may be due to the notion that they can relate to brand influencers better as the latter provides realistic and relatable content.

How does an influencer marketing agency in London improve brand awareness?

Influencers are getting a lot of attention nowadays, and for this reason alone, brands are hiring them to make content about their products and services. With just a few seconds of videos posted online on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter, these brand ambassadors can garner millions of views and direct customers’ attention to the specific brand they are working with.

This is because the content they post is carefully curated to engage the brand’s target audience, which is another responsibility of the marketing agency that hired them for that particular brand and campaign.

By hiring influencers to promote a brand’s products and services, the company can have a wider reach in terms of audience and therefore increase brand awareness.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing an influencer agency that can satisfy their goals, make the process of working with influencers simple, and create the ideal match for the businesses and their customers, brands targeting UK consumers have many options to choose from.

Marketing agencies such as NERDS Collective help tremendously in guaranteeing that your brand will gather a huge following which can potentially lead to paying customers with the help of their experience and expertise.

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