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Great British coffee habits across the UK for National Coffee Week 2017

by LLB Reporter
10th Apr 17 1:14 pm

Here’s some interesting facts

Smarter, the UK connected kitchen company behind the world’s first Wi-Fi-enabled kettle and coffee machine, surveyed coffee drinkers in Britain to find out some of the truths behind those habits in light of this week’s National Coffee Week 10th – 16th April.

We found that different personality types choose certain types of coffees!

  • Cappuccino drinkers are thoughtful
  • Latte drinkers are extroverted
  • Flat White drinkers are optimistic
  • Mocha drinkers are anxious
  • Espresso drinkers are generous
  • Americano drinkers are introverted

We also found out that

One in six Brits drink coffee just to procrastinate at work. when asked their main reason for drinking coffee:

  • A third of Brits (33 per cent) have a coffee for the taste
  • A quarter of Brits (28 per cent) choose a coffee simply to wake up them
  • One in six (17 per cent) make a coffee to procrastinate at work

If allowed one coffee a day, two thirds of Brits would have it before work

When asked when they drink their coffee:

  • Two thirds (65 per cent) of Brits would have it pre-9am
  • A quarter (23 per cent) would have it post-lunch

The average Brit spends £520 a year on high street coffees

When asked if they buy a coffee on route to work:

  • 50 per cent of Brits buy a coffee on the way to work
  • Spending an average of £10 per week = £520 a year
  • One in five Brits spends upwards of £20 a week on high street coffee

2 seconds is the optimum time for dunking biscuits

When asked if they dunk and if so, how long for:

  • Over half of Brits (57 per cent) dunk biscuits in their coffee
  • Majority of respondents (70 per cent) do so for 2 seconds per biscuit
  • One in 5 Brits adds a cheeky shot to their coffee to get through the day

When asked if they add alcohol to their coffee between 9am-5pm:

  • One in five (20 per cent) admitted to doing so

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