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Government rejects UNHCR Rwanda ‘asylum adjudication’ as Sunak will ‘not be deterred’

16th Jan 24 1:26 pm

The Prime Minister strongly rejects the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) “asylum adjudication” over the proposed Rwanda bill which they say is a breach of international refugee law.

The UN’s refugee agency said that the Rwanda Bill safety and the treaty signed by the British government and the government in Kigali saying it is “not compatible” with international regulations.

The government has said they took their own legal advice and therefore the Rwanda Bill is lawful and Rishi Sunak will “not be deterred.”

The Supreme Court judgment highlighted some serious concerns over the Rwanda Bill which will have to be addressed, before they can agree to the policy being considered lawful.

The UNHCR said, “As of January 2024, UNHCR has not observed changes in the practice of asylum adjudication that would overcome the concerns set out in its 2022 analysis and in the detailed evidence presented to the Supreme Court.”

The refugee agency added, “The treaty lays out an important basis for an improved asylum system, but until the necessary legal framework and implementation capacity is established, the conclusion of the treaty in itself does not overcome continued procedural fairness and other protection gaps.”

Sunak’s official spokesman said, “The Prime Minister will not be deterred from a course of action that is backed by the British public.

“It’s important that we have control of our borders, it’s right that the British people and not criminal gangs decided who comes to this country.

“And we are acting in a way that we believe is both legal and responsible.”

The spokesman added, “Obviously the UNHCR also have a partnership with Rwanda, ensuring they can safely take in migrants, I think from Libya, including a number quite recently.”

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