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Getting the most from E-commerce fulfilment

13th Jun 18 9:57 am

What are the benefits?

When many businesses begin to grow significantly, they can often find it hard to keep pace with the sudden increase in orders and realise that they not only have a serious lack of storage space, but the experienced staff to help keep operations running efficiently. Established businesses might want to diversify and offer products to their customers that they cannot immediately accommodate. It is in these situations that such companies would benefit from the services provided by e-commerce fulfilment.

E-Commerce fulfilment services

E-Commerce fulfilment is the process by which a company’s physical goods are processed and despatched to customers. Both traditional retail outlets and online stores can benefit from these valuable services. For instance, perhaps a business has the opportunity to offer beautifully hand crafted rattan furniture that is made from a climbing palm plant found in Malaysia. These traditional, ecologically friendly chairs, sofas and tables are lightweight but bulky to store. The ideal solution is to use e-commerce fulfilment services that provide secure warehousing with climate control which is helpful to maintaining natural products such as rattan in excellent condition. With stock inventory management and order processing, fulfilment services can provide a business with all the help it needs to maintain efficiency due to the number of experienced staff who can ensure that orders are shipped on the same day.

Streamlined order processing

Another benefit of e-commerce fulfilment services is that businesses can immediately benefit from a large, reliable workforce that they could not afford to directly employ themselves. A company that has decided for example, to sell high quality lead crystal glassware, can be reassured that their expensive, diamond cut glass items that have a unique brilliance all of their own, will not come to any harm. An e-commerce fulfilment service will have staff that are experienced at handling delicate objects, ensuring that orders are despatched quickly and securely.

Mechanical assistance

In addition, there will be a conveyor style system that reduces the amount of handling by moving products effortlessly from one end of the warehouse to the other. These environmentally friendly systems use very little power or even none at all, operating by gravitational forces pulling on the long rows of rollers to set them in motion. Such modules can be interlinked to create extensive systems that are capable of transporting objects as large as bulky rattan furniture or as delicate as lead crystal glass across large distances without them being handled. This reduces the amount of effort from the staff and increases the safety of the products as they are moved in a controlled manner.

The obvious choice

E-commerce fulfilment services are invaluable to businesses that need to concentrate on growing their customer base without the worry or expense of finding warehousing and staff that they can ill afford. Established businesses can see e-commerce fulfilment as the ideal solution to cutting costs to enable them to offer a more streamlined service to their customers. E-commerce fulfilment provides secure storage solutions, efficient stock control and inventory services ensuring that businesses benefit from outsourcing their products for shipment. They also provide businesses with experienced staff and ecological, reliable conveyor systems that provide secure handling and transportation from within the warehouse, moving bulky items with ease and protecting the most delicate of products.

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