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George Galloway brands Boris Johnson a “chicken” for ducking boxing match

12th Feb 13 2:35 pm

Bradford West MP George Galloway has branded London Mayor Boris Johnson a “chicken” for avoiding taking part in a charity boxing match in the East End.

In a message on Twitter this afternoon, Galloway raged:

“Mayor Boris refused to fight me in charity boxing match in the East End. Though younger and much heavier than me. Big ugly bear? Or chicken?”

LondonlovesBusiness.com was told by Galloway’s Parliamentary office that the MP was contacted by a third party, Andy Prokopp, in the last few weeks who wanted to set up the charity boxing match, assuring us: “George was more than willing to participate as it was for charity, and he could definitely have held his own against Boris!”

Andy Prokopp told LondonlovesBusiness.com that he conceived of the idea after being approached by the Stairway to Heaven Trust and was planning to use the help of world champion boxing coach Tony Burns.

Hollywood actor Ray Winstone was also pencilled in to compere the match, Prokopp said, “but it depended on his rehearsal and filming schedule”.

Galloway agreed straight away to the idea of a boxing match on Prokopp’s invite, with Prokopp revealing that the Bradford West MP “is an ex-amateur boxer back up in Dundee”. George Galloway’s spokesman confirmed to LondonlovesBusiness.com that Galloway had been an amateur boxer in Dundee “many years ago, maybe 40 years ago”.

“Half the people in London would like to see George knocked out and half of them would like to see Boris knocked out!” Prokopp quipped.

Prokopp sent the London Mayor a “very nice email” proposing “Basher Boris versus Pussycat George”, making clear he would be looked after by coaches and no harm would befall the London Mayor. Prokopp had pencilled in the 5th July at the Troxy, in East London.

“It’s a lovely venue, the idea was that if Boris says yes, I could just go and get the newspaper and television people and the money from that would go to charity”.

The Amateur Boxing Association were “happy to conduct the proceedings”, according to Prokopp,

Sadly, Johnson sent Prokopp an email last week declining his offer. But Prokopp isn’t downhearted.

“Boris sent me an email on Thursday afternoon saying he basically declined on this occasion… Boris might have only ever had his arse smacked and kissed better afterwards and never been in a fight in his life, which is maybe why he declined.”

Prokopp told LondonlovesBusiness.com of his intention to seek a meeting with the Mayor so he can extend the invitaiton in person, saying:

“I think Boris should reconsider my proposition, when he hears me say it – rather than an impersonal proposition from a stranger!”

This isn’t the first time that George Galloway has offered to step into the ring with a Tory politician. after he challenged Canadian Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to five rounds in the ring for banning him from entering Canada.

A spokesman for the Mayor was unavailable for comment, with a source saying: “It looks like a bit of a joke from George to get publicity for the charity”.

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