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Gameseek: How the new technologies will affect the online casino industry?

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14th Jun 21 2:27 pm

The development of many new technologies has forever changed the habits of consumers in a dramatic way – many times a customer prefers to seek the services of another brand than the one he selected previously if he feels that the said brand does not meet the desired standards and/ or requirements. Among all other industries, the online casino one is a leading investor and always strives to be a leader in adopting new technologies in order to be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. That being said, let’s look which are the main trends in online casino business as mentioned by gameseek.co.uk.

The increase of cryptocurrency market

This trend should not come as a surprise as cryptocurrency has been around for quite some time now. One of the reasons why the focus is on crypto is not only the certainty it offers, but also the fact that it is extremely fast instrument. Some brands have already integrated the cryptocurrency option into their portfolio and are already offering bonuses to their clients if they use this type of payment. Although crypto has many positive sides, the main currencies will not be entirely shifted from the platforms any time soon. On top of that, there are many people still very skeptical about the use of cryptocurrency. In any case, crypto is on the rise and will definitely have a huge impact on the online casino industry.

The main advantages of using blockchain in the online casino gaming and gambling are:

  • The system automatically records all operations that are performed. Thanks to this, the settlements between players and casinos become as transparent as possible;
  • Blockchain is almost impossible to hack. This allows protection of online platforms from scammers and unscrupulous players;
  • The data stored cannot be changed.

3D casino games

Nowadays, many online casinos offer 3D slot games. These are three-dimensional games with great graphics that catch the eye and transport players into a new and more interesting reality. This trend will continue to grow and many online operators will increasingly look to introduce 3D slots and table games. There is no doubt that the future of 3D titles is expected to be bright and will change the casino industry for the better.

Virtual reality

VR makes the online gaming experience extremely realistic. We can definitely expect VR technology to be introduced more and more in the online casino world in the upcoming years. The main goal of VR games is to achieve realism that was never seen before. For the players this technology will open more opportunities than ever.

Live casino

As much fun as it is to play in an online platform, we should not forget that with time different games start to lose their life. With new technologies the online platforms introduce the Live Casino option allowing more players to use the services of a real croupier –  this option was available only at land based casinos before. The dynamics of the game is significantly improving – the online casinos understand this fact and rapidly invest in introducing live options to the players.

Integration of skills in slots

The online casino industry is on the rise and slot games are probably the most popular options among players. Online platforms have strong interest in adopting new technologies to make slots even more appearing to players. With the integration of the skills for achieving more serious profits, we can be sure that the competition and the interest in this platform will increase.

Robot technology in land-based casinos

The new technologies are not aimed only at the online casinos. Land-based casinos are also taking advantage of the technologies of the future. Nowadays most of the casinos invest huge sums in croupiers for example. However, with new tech advancements most of the real croupiers are to be replaced by robots – one machine can do the work of two people. The introducing of robots in the casino industry is really expensive but it allows for a return on investment. The industry will be able to hire significantly fewer staff.

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