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Freetrade.io hits 200,000 customers with trading volumes on the rise

by LLB Finance Reporter
29th Jul 20 8:35 am

In a recent interview with Buy Shares, Freetrade.io Chief Marketing Officer Viktor Nebehaj has talked about the platform’s recent surge in customers. According to Viktor, Freetrade.io now enjoys around 200,000 customers.

Freetrade.io trading volume on the rise

Nebehaj further noted that growth has been witnessed in other areas. According to the CMO, “We recently hit 200,000 customers and we have been very pleased to report strong growth from October 2019 to the end of May 2020, during which we’ve seen our assets under administration (AUA) grow at a CMGR (Compound monthly growth rate) of 27%, Trading volumes have risen at a CMGR of 37%.”,

The officer further talked about Freetrade.io’s performance during the coronavirus pandemic and the change in customer demographics. He notes that investors might have viewed the moves in stock prices over the last few months as a buying opportunity particularly due to the impact of the pandemic.

He shared about Freetrade.io’s plans to expand to other European countries like Ireland, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The expansion comes in the wake of Brexit. With new stock investments cropping up Nebehaj notes that focus should be on the customer need while companies need fo focus on transparency more.

During the interview, the CMO talked about the popularity of individual stocks, ETFs, and investment trusts on the Freetrade.io platform.

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