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France finds first coronavirus case emerged in December

4th May 20 12:47 pm

There are now serious doubts over the spread of coronavirus after doctors at a hospital in the suburbs of Paris have found a patient who was tested positive for the virus in December 2019.

France initially recorded their first case in January, but Professor Yves Cohen of the Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny, said a second set of tests showed a patient had Covid-19 in December.

Professor Cohen said they made the shock discovery after they conducted coronavirus tests on samples that were collected in December 2019.

The French physician told BFM TV, “We’ve reanalysed all negative tests on people who were diagnosed with pneumonia.

“Of the 24 patients, we found one who resulted positive to COVID-19 on 27 December when he was taken to our Avicenne Hospital.”

The Professor was asked again to confirm if the samples matched results to the coronavirus tests, once again he confirmed his diagnosis.

He added, “Yes, it matched.

“We’ve controlled twice and it matched again, so we have Covid-19 in December.”

The scientific community in France are shocked at the findings as previous briefings had all suggested the first case of the virus hit France in January 2020.

The Professor said the patient “is well and has fully recovered, as have his children,” and admitted they had concerns of a new pandemic in November.

Professor Cohen said, “We have been worried since November 2019, we already knew that there was this risk of an epidemic and that we had to protect the elderly in particular.”

The findings by Professor Cohen has now thrown doubts over the official death toll as deaths may have gone undetected.

France have recorded 168,000 cases and 24,898 have died,

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