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Four top tips for successful team task management

27th Oct 17 3:34 pm

Are you looking for ways to improve your team task management?

Team task management is a skill that you are going to want to be able to do successfully in any business. If you are unable to manage your team’s tasks properly, this will have a negative impact on productivity and progress.

While team task management will certainly become easier with experience, there are a few tools and techniques that can help you along the way. Read on to discover a few of them and improve efficiency throughout your team.

Ask employees if they need help

Asking your employees if they need help is one of the most important questions that they can hear from their boss.

If a staff member is struggling, whether it be with the timescale, their workload or any other specific problems, it can be incredibly easy for them to become demotivated and lose sight of their goals.

Uninspired staff members will not only affect their own productivity, but will have a negative impact upon the output of the whole team. By regularly checking in with each member of the team, you can ensure they have the support they need to deliver work which achieves your shared goals.

Staff accountability

A good way to ensure that objectives are met and tasks are completed, is to encourage communication amongst the team about what needs to be achieved.

By sharing the details of their own targets with each other, team members will be able to motivate each other towards completing their goals on time. They will also be able to offer any assistance and advice to other members of the project team.

Public deadlines will help staff to be more accountable for their own work, which will encourage them to be more productive and punctual towards their objectives.

Set regular meetings

It is a good idea to schedule regular meetings with your team of employees, whether they be face-to-face, or through Skype if you work remotely. This will help to ensure that you are up to date with any issues or obstacles that may be preventing deadlines from being hit.

If you are aware of any problems that your team members are facing then it will help you to resolve them as they arise, rather than there being a long delay before the problem is addressed. This, in turn, will keep the project running smoothly and on course to be completed in a timely manner.

Use a task management app

A task management system can be invaluable in helping support the workload of entire companies.

With software such as the Synergist app, your team can have access to an interactive dashboard which displays where each project is up to at any time. This will help to manage team projects as everybody will be able monitor what is completed, what still needs to be done and how long is left for each deadline so that less will be missed.

A system such as this is also much more effective than other methods of team management, as it is all stored digitally, reducing the risk of any physical notes or reminders being lost.

It is also much less time consuming than meeting with separate employees throughout the day to get updates on their progress. Instead, you can get this information quickly at a glance from your task management app, and dedicate your saved time to other commitments.

If you follow these tips, not only will your team feel more supported, but you will be able to closely monitor their progress. This helps ensure that the output of your team meets your objectives and work is delivered to the highest standards possible.

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