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Four top reasons why it’s okay to change your name

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22nd Apr 20 4:11 pm

Does shyness envelop you the very moment you think of changing your name?

Do you start getting thoughts about what your parents or relatives may think?

Or do you get anxious about the legal process that you may have to go through?

Or simply start thinking that this move is too bold for you?

Undoubtedly, the world can say a lot about almost everything and there can be a lot of other hurdles as well. However, changing your name should be your personal choice and here are four reasons why you shouldn’t worry about anything else, but your will of planning a name change.

1. Self satisfaction is important

Does the sound of your name bother you?

Do you feel that if you had a chance to choose it, you would have done better?

Or do you think that your name doesn’t go that well with your surname?

All these scenarios may start getting annoying for you.

In fact, even if it’s just a minor spell change it may seem like a never-ending problem. And that’s why it’d be better to get it done. After all, if you aren’t satisfied and happy with your name, you may also start lacking confidence.

2. A lot of people do it

Although this shouldn’t be a motivation in every area of life, some hard decisions become more comfortable with social validation.

Changing your name is one of those decisions.

Studies say that on an average, nearly 85,000 people change their names every year.

If you’ve been thinking that there can’t be many people who do so, certainly a lot of them have already done it. And a lot of them are going to do it today, tomorrow, and for years to come. As you are reading this, someone out there is preparing a list of potential names for themselves.

So, know that the problem of ‘being the only person to change their name’ doesn’t exist.

3. It’s your right

As most of us don’t get to choose our name, some of us end up feeling the need for changing it.

Fortunately, choosing how we want to be identified is our right, and we can use it when we  want to.

So, if you have been having second thoughts about whether it’s the right thing to do, know that if it’s your right, this can’t be wrong.

No reason to think otherwise. Just go through the process and celebrate your new name.

4. It’s an easy process and the changes will settle quick

Changing the birth name is a very easy process. In the UK, you just need to bring your new name to usage, and you will have a new name.

However, to update the old documents, you will need a simple deed poll. And getting that is not difficult either.

You can go through this ultimate deed poll guide for reference.

After completing this simple process, you can proceed with the rest of the name change process (depending on your state).

And the people around you? Eventually, they’ll also get used to calling you by your new name.

Final words

A name change is undoubtedly a big decision that many of us may hesitate about. But don’t worry. There’s not much to feel insecure about. And in this post, we tried to establish that.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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