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Four things to consider when selling your semi trailer

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16th Apr 20 1:34 pm

Deciding on the best course of action when wanting to sell a flatbed trailer or container can be a difficult task. Knowing the value of the trailer as a money maker as well as a company asset is a good place to begin. Luckily the Internet provides a good source of information that can be studied beforehand with respect to determining actual value of the equipment. No one wants to undersell when an equipment item can bring more money. There are also other concerns when making this business decision that should be evaluated at the time because chances are that the decision could cost any company or owner-operator a significant amount of money in the future of their business. Here are a few potential issues to think about.

Upgrading company equipment

While some people wanting to sell a trailer may be getting out of the business, others may be selling an older unit to buy a new one. It is important to make sure the transition to a new trailer is going to be the right tool for the intended hauling project. Many times a trailer can be traded in on a newer or more efficient model and still carry a high-value trade amount. This can usually be accomplished by finding an established company with a solid inventory of new flatbed trailers for sale and negotiating a deal.

Personal advertisement

Another method of selling practically anything anymore is using social media online. It has long been a premise in the sales industry that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising, and especially when you have other friends and co-workers in the shipping industry. Independent businesses or even corporations could be interested in the product when the right individuals can be contacted. As with anything else, it is important to get as many eyes as possible on an advertisement when it is necessary to sell quickly.

Consignment selling

Another method of marketing a flatbed trailer is letting another business display the rig at their lot for a markup percentage. This is a good option for those who only want a fair amount for the equipment. Many times trailers will sell quicker in this manner as opposed to advertising in social media or through your business location. Of course, it is vital to know who is selling the trailer and if they are already established as a reputable sales outlet.

Flatbed leasing

Another option that bypasses selling a trailer altogether is leasing the flatbed to another driver or company that can utilize it in a regular fashion. Dependable flatbed trailers are always in demand all across the nation, and especially in the northeast corridor region that relies so heavily on the trucking industry. This is actually the most lucrative option in many instances, as it allows the owner to earn money while others use the equipment. This arrangement works great for all parties when it suffices to complete the shipping tasks.

One thing is for certain for those who are remaining in the shipping business. Equipment upgrades come with the territory and are often necessary when there are hauling jobs to be procured and high-quality or specialty hauling gear is needed. Knowing the process when needing to trade an older flatbed for a new one is vital to maintaining business cost efficiency and profitability. And all options should be considered with every new transaction.

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