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Four casino innovations that didn’t quite hit the jackpot

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4th Aug 20 4:04 pm

The amount of games available to casino players both on and offline at the moment is so huge that they are spoilt for choice. There are multiple variants and versions of poker, video poker, roulette, and blackjack out there, while the number of slot machines available are innumerable. But it is good to note that plans to bring in advancements to online gambling sites have not always paid off. There are many such attempts in history that were not successful, ranging from new games, to twists in old games, and many others. Today, we are looking at the four biggest innovations that were expected to lead a revolution in the casino world, but fell flat.

1. Webcam poker

Many people expected webcam poker to be a huge success. Online poker has grown in popularity, with lots of professional and casual players taking part in poker games. But in contrast to live poker, players are not able to read the body language of their opponents and decipher their plans from their physical bluffs and body language, all because they are hidden behind computer screens. Because of this, they cannot come up with any strategies to counter the suspected moves of other players.

However, in 2011, 888 Poker came up with a solution to the problem by launching the Pokercam tables. They gave players the chance to compete at online poker tables, while presenting themselves to be seen by other players through webcam. However, in the bid to avoid giving away clues about their moves, most players decided against using the webcam. In a normal webcam poker game, two players may decide to turn on their cams, while the remaining 6 will decide against it. When the program failed to garner the needed audience, 888 Poker yanked it off their services after a few years, hinging it on technical difficulties.

2. Duplicate poker

Poker is one game where luck and skill are needed to win, and that is one of its biggest charms. Now, players may not have control over the cards they receive, but they have the chance to make use of the cards as they wish. Players that succeed in turning luck to their side become expert millionaire players.

The duplicate poker system was launched in the 1990s, with the intention of taking the luck aspect away from the game to make it a pure game of skills. Here, equal numbers of players are positioned on two or more tables, and cards are dealt to all the tables in the same sequence, with players in the same position in different tables getting the same cards. For you to win, you have to strive to be more successful than the player on the other tables with the same card as you. When you come up with the best hand, you win.

This encountered problems, chief of which is the fact that it centres hugely on decision making, while the luck factor is removed completely. Because it also needed many tables, it became a problem to casinos. This also tried to come into online casinos, but could not muster the needed audience. So, it was finally shut down in October 2008, with the global financial crisis touted as the reason.

3. Live dealer slots

Live dealer games have recorded a huge success in online casinos. It gives players the chance to enjoy virtual blackjack, poker, and roulette games with live dealers that help to bring in the land based casino experience. In most live dealer games, players are also allowed to interact with their fellow players and the dealer through their chat system, making the game more interactive in nature. However, while many people enjoy live dealer games where the croupiers spin the wheels and deal the cards, the attempt at live dealer slots fell flat. Live dealer slots and regular slots were almost the same, with the only difference being that the live dealer slots came with wheels instead of the conventional reels. So, what it meant is that players had to pay more for the dealer to spin the wheel and for them to be able to enjoy conversations occasionally. People were not impressed, so it never succeeded.

4. Virtual reality gaming

For up to 6 or 7 years, we’ve had virtual reality headsets, and it tried to make its mark on the online gambling scene in 2015. Slotsmillion created a complete VR gambling experience, and people were very much impressed by that. The VR gambling system was hosted on a virtual skyscraper where players can get hold of an entire casino, with slot games and others, plus a bar, lounge, and could even get to the topmost floor for the amazing view.

This effort was also complemented by Netent in 2017, as they re-released some of their popular slot games on VR, where players can enjoy a first person view of the game when they wear the headset. Now, many people have tipped VR to lead a revolution in the casino gaming world, but this technology is yet to go mainstream in gambling.

Through mobile gaming, people can enjoy casino games from anywhere and at any time. You wouldn’t find people ready to wear their headset when they want to catch some minutes of gaming on the bus on their way to work. Though it may be too early to conclude that VR gaming failed woefully, it has actually not brought about the predicted disruption in gaming, at least for now.

These are the four casino innovations that never really worked out as planned and expected.


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