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Former UFO investigator for British MoD urges UK to take ‘national security’ seriously as the US does

by LLB Reporter
7th Jan 24 3:59 pm

A former UFO investigator for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) is urging the UK to take reports seriously and following the US.

The MoD closed the UK’s UFO desk in 2009 and Nick Pope said that sightings reported is “staggeringly low,” which could be due to the mistrust of the authorities.

The US government have a taskforce on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs and treat UFO’s as a “potential defence, national security and flight safety concern.”

Pope who worked for the UFO desk for the UK MoD said it is “time the UK did the same thing.”

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Pope said that during the Covid lockdowns a higher number of people reported UFO sightings due to probable boredom.

Pope said, “A more likely scenario is that we’re seeing chronic under-reporting that reflects witnesses’ distrust of the authorities, and the associated suspicion that making an official report won’t achieve anything.

“Many people believe there’s a government conspiracy to cover up the truth about UFOs, and probably believe there’s little point reporting what they’ve seen or experienced to the police, who they may think are complicit in a cover-up.

“Another factor is that, following the closure of the MoD’s UFO desk in 2009, there’s no focal point for the public to make reports.

“Thus we get the false impression that there are very few reports, because they’re spread thinly: some witnesses still report to the MoD, others to the police, some to the media, others to civilian UFO groups.

“And as always, most witnesses don’t report their sightings at all, sometimes because they’re worried about not being believed, or being ridiculed, but often because they don’t know who to contact.

“The subdued state of affairs in Northern Ireland and in the UK more generally is in stark contrast to the current situation in the United States, where pilots who’ve seen UFOs have testified under oath to Congress, and where multiple UFO-related provisions are included in the 2024 Defence Bill.

“The US is treating the phenomenon as a potential defence, national security and flight safety concern, and it’s time the UK did the same thing.”

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