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Five types of business that benefit from corporate videos

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3rd Aug 19 11:59 am

A study conducted by Cisco has shown that by 2020, video content will make up for 80% of global internet traffic. While these statistics are staggering, they are not that much of a shock, especially if you have been following video content trends. Nowadays, nearly every business is investing (or considering investing) in corporate video production.

Video sharing websites such as YouTube have also become increasingly popular in recent years, and are one of the top marketing channels for businesses. Social video marketing is also on the rise, and every social network site you log in will have several video feeds from top brands. The use of video content is also on the rise on websites, and nearly every website you visit will feature videos.

But while video makes sense for nearly every business, there are some businesses where it should be a priority. We picked the brains of London-based company video producers: TechTV to produce our list of 5 types of businesses that can benefit greatly from corporate videos.

1. Fashion brands

The fashion industry relies heavily on visual communication, as it is visual imagery that helps to sell products. For example, when purchasing clothes, customers will want to see the style they are considering before making a purchase decision. Consumers also rely on visual imagery to see and feel the brands they are purchasing from. And while there are several types of content marketing that can be used, video is the best way to promote your fashion brand to the target audience.

One of the best ways in which fashion brands can benefit from company videos is through brand storytelling. With consumers craving a more personal connection with their favourite fashion brands, video content can help to establish and maintain this connection. With videos, brand stories are more compelling, emotional, and personal, which helps to develop brand trust and consumer confidence in the target audience.

Video content also comes in handy when it comes to marketing fashion products. A brand can be able to showcase the consumers how their products look and feel, especially with clothing products. Fashion brands can also use explainer videos to show consumers how to use their products, for example, with makeup products. These uses of videos can help to turn “window shoppers” into loyal brand customers.

2. Agency businesses

There are several types of agencies in the world of business today; marketing and advertising, public relations, travel, recruitment, and headhunting, etc. All of these have one thing in common – they offer particular services to other businesses. As such, they rely on contracts from other businesses to stay in business, and the process of landing these contracts is not usually easy. This is where corporate videos come into play with these businesses – they can use video marketing to better promote their brands and services.

Corporate videos such as “About us”, facility, products (services), and employee videos can help agencies give their target audience a first-hand look at their businesses. Agencies such as marketing and advertising agencies can also use video content to show potential clients what they can do for them.

3. Travel and hospitality brands

Travel and hospitality sector is another visual oriented-industry, where businesses can benefit greatly from the use of videos. While consumers in the industry already have a built-in interest in the products and services offered, they need more influence before making a purchase decision. For example, consumers booking a vacation will want to see where they will be staying, places they will visit, the types of transportation they will use, and the overall look and feel of their vacation.

There is no better way to demonstrate these experiences than with the use of video content. This is the reason why top travel brands now use video content to showcase the experiences they offer. For example, a vacation resort will use videos (instead of other visual imagery) to show the customers their facilities.

Some brands have even gone a step further and started using virtual reality videos to offer virtual tours of their facilities and experiences to the consumers. These tours give the customer a real-like experience, which goes a long way in helping them make a purchase decision.

4. Tech companies

In most industries, consumers can be able to see and feel a product before actually making a purchase decision. For example, when buying clothes, a customer can use images and videos to see what they will look like. Unfortunately, most businesses in the tech sector do not have this advantage.

Tech products such as software cannot be showcased efficiently to the consumers using visuals such as images. And even in cases where the products are physical, for example, phones, and other tech gadgets, pictures will not be enough to offer customers all the important information. Luckily, this challenge can be overcome with the help of video content.

Tech companies can use videos to guide customers on how to use their tech products. These videos can guide the consumers through all the steps they need to follow, show them all the features of the product, and explain the benefits.

Customer success stories is another way in which tech brands can benefit from using corporate videos. These stories can show the human side to a brand’s product and services, and with video content, they are more credible and compelling.

5. E-commerce brands

E-commerce brands are other types of businesses that can benefit from the use of video. Ecommerce businesses need to show their customers what their products will look like in real life. Unfortunately, static visual imageries are no longer enough for this purpose as most consumers need a more realistic representation.

Videos are thus a great way for e-commerce brands to showcase their products. This is the reason why top e-commerce brands such as E-Bay, Amazon, Macy’s, Home Depot, Tesco, Debenhams, Argos, and others make use of video content to showcase their products.

Video marketing is becoming the go-to method for brands to promote themselves, especially in the above sectors. However, it is just as important and beneficial to any other type of business. But to reap all the benefits it offers, you must have great video content. This is why it is important to hire a professional corporate video production company who will offer you great videos that will transform your business.

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