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Five marketing strategy secrets for coupon sites for success in e-commerce industry!

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25th Feb 19 12:13 pm

With the rapidly developing concept of couponing and the influx of many coupon sites that are widely preferred by online shoppers globally, couponing is not an easy task to do in the e-commerce industry. Coupon codes and discount codes can be a pretty handy or effective tool to attract new as well as repeat customers. Therefore, it is important to make sure that couponing or discounting fits into your overall organization’s strategy.

Having an effective e-commerce coupon strategy is a wonderful way to increase your company’s sales as well as the conversion rates. To see it flourishing, e-commerce coupons are required to be offered following a clever process in place. The coupon shouldn’t be given away freely as they can significantly hamper your profit margins.

Special deals and coupon offers are a great way to encourage people to purchase products and services. Not only the coupons offers to encourage lead conversion, but they also boost customer loyalty and drive up customer retention. If you are into couponing business then there are many effective marketing strategies which you must opt for a huge influx of customers, coupon redemption and of course sales.

CollectOffers, being the leading provider of the latest voucher codes, offers and discounts help its customers grab deals on all their favourite brand’s products and service and enjoy maximum savings. With more than 20,000 offers provided from over 5000 merchants, CollectOffers ensures you best online deals and offers related to different sectors such as finance, retail, travel, mobile, utilities and so on.

To reach and get ranked among the top coupon sites, CollectOffers follows useful and effective marketing strategies that are given below. Although there are many strategies helpful for coupons sites achieve success in the e-commerce industry, few are listed below and they are also marketing strategy secrets of CollectOffers.  Scroll down to know more-

1. Create an urgency to buy with coupons positioned as temporary!

CollectOffers, while adding a coupon code to the list ensure to position it as temporary in order to create urgency in customers to buy. A coupon with temporary position grabs more attention as when the customers come to know that they can redeem that coupon later, they’ll never turn up redeeming that code.

2. Define the time length of coupon!

Coupons with clearly defined length of time say, for example, one or two-week coupon offer; can greatly create urgency in customers to redeem them. On CollectOffers, you will find each and every coupon code with a fixed time length or expiry date so that customers are bound in specific time length. Moreover, a defined coupon period also reminds late-to-the-show shoppers to buy whenever the code goes live or expires.

3. Use minimum purchase strategy to ensure profitability!

Another effective marketing strategy CollectOffers use for is coupon business is each coupon is established with minimum purchase tactic. The strategy feels right for the business as it attracts more and customers in the long run. The website first defines a specific minimum purchase value in the coupon codes which is profitable enough and then move forward by offering those codes to customers.

4. Make one-time use promo codes per customer!

While creating a coupon code or discount offer, CollectOffers ensure that the codes are for just one-time use per customer. Online savvy shoppers often look for codes which they can use multiple times. Having repeat customers is sometimes great, but not always as then they never turn to other codes and discount offers. Hence, it is important to define codes as one-time use, indeed ensuring each shopper get the same fair use.

5. Personalize codes as much as possible!

And lastly, CollectOffers while creating a discount code for its customer ensures that it personalize that code as much as possible for its exclusivity. To personalize an offer, the website sends unique promo codes or some specific gift to customers who have shown interest in. Personalizing an offer also enables a coupon website to optimize its value according to different segments.

So, this is it with some marketing strategy secrets of CollecttOffers used for achieving success in the e-commerce industry.

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