Financial tech firms in London should look to markets in Asia after Brexit


This is what the chancellor said

Chancellor Philip Hammond has told those in London’s financial tech firms to look at the markets in Asia after Brexit.

Hammond said that the UK would have to fight to become a global player.

He was speaking to those at a FinTech conference in London, he promised that Britain would remain open to the “brightest and best” from abroad.

He also welcomed new investment into London’s FinTech firms which came from two major banks.

Hammond said at the conference: “If the UK is going to make the most of the freedoms it will have after leaving the European Union, we have to build trade links with the fast-growing economies of Asia.

“We have to invest in the skills of the future and our economy must remain at the cutting edge – not just of FinTech, but of AI (artificial intelligence), biotech – of every area in which we have the potential to lead the world into this new industrial revolution.

“The world does not owe us a living. We will have to strive and graft and fight to seize opportunities, and make the most of them.”