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Fenbro is introducing window and door installation services in the UK market!

by Sarah Dunsby
7th May 24 3:51 pm

In a move set to redefine the standards of convenience and quality in the UK construction and renovation sectors, Fenbro, a renowned provider of Polish windows and doors, announces the launch of its full-range installation services in the UK market. This strategic expansion mirrors the company’s successful model in Ireland, where Fenbro has established itself as the best provider of premium windows and doors with an outstanding services package.. With a reputation for excellence in importing windows from Poland to the UK, Fenbro offer includes product provision, delivery, installation, a comprehensive guarantee, and unparalleled after-sales service, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Comprehensive solutions from Fenbro — the game changer

Fenbro has long been known for its top-tier Polish windows and doors, blending aesthetic appeal with functionality. The company’s decision to introduce installation services in the UK is a testament to its commitment to delivering end-to-end solutions. Customers now have the luxury of accessing a seamless service package that includes expert windows fitting, doors fitting, and a suite of additional benefits designed to ensure complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Fenbro’s product excellence

Fenbro’s reputation for quality and durability in windows and doors, all sourced from Poland’s finest manufacturers, is already well-established in the UK market. Now, Fenbro is excited to expand its offerings by introducing specialised assembly services, ensuring that these high-quality products are not only accessible but also expertly installed. This enhancement in service underscores Fenbro’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for energy efficiency, security, and aesthetic appeal in construction materials.

Door-to-door delivery and installation

Fenbro’s comprehensive service package extends beyond just supply. The company takes pride in its “door to door delivery” approach, which includes professional installation by Fenbro’s team of highly skilled installers. This guarantees that from the moment of purchase to the completion of installation, the process is hassle-free for the customer. “The expansion of our services to include installation in the UK market is a major step forward,” says Pawel Brodzik, Fenbro spokesperson. “We are now able to offer our clients a full spectrum of services, ensuring that they receive both the best products and the highest standard of installation and customer care.”

Fenbro provides a hassle-free experience

One of the cornerstones of Fenbro’s service is the elimination of any burden on the customer. From export and import customs clearance to handling customs duties, Fenbro manages all aspects of the logistics chain. This comprehensive approach means that clients are spared the complexities and additional costs typically associated with importing windows from Poland to the UK.

Our clients value their peace of mind and convenience above all” — adds Pawel Brodzik. “By taking care of everything from A to Z, we ensure that our customers can enjoy their new windows and doors without worrying about the details.”

A brand-new level of guarantee and after-sales service

Fenbro stands firmly behind the quality of its products and services, offering a comprehensive warranty and dedicated after-sales support across all regions, not just the UK. This global standard emphasises Fenbro’s commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that any post-installation concerns are promptly addressed. Their approach underlines an unwavering dedication to excellence and customer care throughout the product lifecycle, reinforcing their reputation as a provider of reliable solutions in construction materials.


Conclusion – Fenbro is setting new standards

Fenbro’s extension of installation services to the UK market represents a notable leap forward in the realm of window and door solutions. By combining high-quality Polish windows and doors with expert fitting services, comprehensive logistics management, and after-sales support, Fenbro is setting an entirely new standard for convenience and quality. This holistic approach ensures that UK customers can enjoy the benefits of superior products and services without the hassle, solidifying Fenbro’s position as a leader in the industry. With Fenbro, customers are not just purchasing windows and doors. They are investing in a worry-free, quality-assured home improvement experience.

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