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Fast Private Jet received the world’s largest Cryptocurrency transaction

by LLB Finance Reporter
11th Mar 21 12:02 pm

Fast Private Jet, a company operating in the business aviation industry, connects private jet flyers and private airlines in order to provide exclusive flight experiences, always guaranteeing the best price and quality on the market.
The innovation is a key element to the company since the beginning and it finds today its realisation in the adoption of a new digital payment tool.

The Vision of the company has always been focused on the use of innovative technological instruments that allows Fast Private Jet to distinguish itself within the business aviation industry, a strategy that led Fast Private Jet to a business growth and to a competitive force, strongly connected with technological evolution.

Recent studies show how digital economies became increasingly strong and resilient at a global level. One of the direct consequences of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic has been the trend toward digitalisation that increased both online activities and the use of apps and payments through digital tools or cryptocurrencies.
In this innovative perspective, Fast Private Jet decided to use digital payment tools in order to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Starting January 2020, Fast Private Jet offers the possibility to make payments with any payment tool, from the traditional ones as credit cards and bank wire transfers, to the most innovative cryptocurrencies.
Fast Private Jet was the first private jet provider in Italy to accept payments with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and XRP, offering flight solutions different from commercial airlines.
As Fast Private Jet always looks to the future, the company has well understood that these innovative cryptocurrencies are not merely a tool for financial investments but they represent also a valid alternative to traditional payment methods, also for large transactions.
In 2020 Fast Private Jet performed transactions of over 2 million euros in cryptocurrencies for private jet flights, obtaining the Tier 4 level from the platform BitPay, which is the possibility of performing transactions with unlimited amounts in cryptocurrencies for the rental of private jets.

Mauro De Rosa, CEO of Fast Private Jet said, “During the pandemic, the business aviation found a clear social and business identity that allowed a wider audience to enter in contact with the private jets world. Flying private became a necessary and efficient tool in the daily life of a company but also of individuals that for the first time, because of the pandemic, had the chance to use this service for the first time because of the lack of commercial flights.
The future of business aviation will depend on the development of new technologies that will make a cost decrease possible in order to welcome an increasingly broader audience. Certainly, 2020 was fundamental to inform and educate people about the advantages of private flights, not as an alternative, but as a resource in terms of productivity and time-savings allowing competitive advantage for businesses, transportation of medical devices and repatriation of people forced abroad by the pandemic.

We are certain that, in the coming years, cryptocurrencies will be the only currencies of exchange. In the era of technological progress such as the current one, where there is a predominant daily search for optimization of the little time available, business activities are turning towards an increasingly virtual dimension gradually abandoning their physicality.
Cryptocurrencies global market cap will soon challenge the stock markets. The main difference between the two is that the cryptocurrency market cannot be controlled or devalued by governments or by private companies, contrary to what happens to the stock market.

For this reason, governments and especially banks tend to oppose to cryptocurrencies, simply because they cannot control their value and cannot control their course. We are facing the biggest change of the history of the economy, everything that we learned through the years will be totally revolutionised through a different vision and perception of the same markets.
Business activities will not drastically change in the next ten years but the payment methods will be the key to access distribution channels of innovative, fast and efficient businesses for companies that will understand that the future is today.

Therefore, it is strategic for us to be the first at an international level in the number of transactions carried out through the use of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for the rental or purchase of a private aircraft. In view of a broader project, which is part of a corporate strategy that aims to establish Fast Private Jet as a company rooted in the Italian territory but with an international vocation, as evidence of the foresight of the Company, it was only logical to choose the use of these innovative virtual currencies, whose success in the near future is now tangible.

Fast Private Jet’s objective is to become a leader in the national and European market in the private jet rental service, offering the best quality before, during and after the flight. The presence of our support, offering customers a 360° service, unique and exclusive, allows us to convey our company and our commitment to a wide audience to demonstrate that we are always in step with the times”.

Fast Private Jet is delighted to announce today that, thanks to BitPay, a platform for payments in cryptocurrencies, it performed the private flight that determined the largest cryptocurrency transaction in the world for the payment of a single flight on a private jet. This was possible thanks to its entrepreneurial vision that bets on digital tools in order to bring innovation in the business aviation industry, offering a customised service designed according to the needs of every client.
Recently, the company registered a cryptocurrency transaction for over half a million USD, providing a charter service for a single intercontinental flight on an Ultra Long Range Jet, the category of aircrafts with the longest flight range.

With the implementation of this additional innovative payment tool, Fast Private Jet confirms its ability to guarantee services of the highest quality before, during and after the flight, always assuring exclusive flight experiences thanks to innovative initiatives and projects that contribute to the economic and social growth within the global market.

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