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Experts warn Putin could drop a nuclear ‘tactical‘ weapon over ‘the North Sea’ in a show of force

1st Mar 22 4:45 pm

Experts are warning that Vladimir Putin could use a nuclear “tactical” device at sea between the UK and Denmark.

Patrick Bury a lecturer in Defence and Strategic Studies at the University of Bath, told the New Scientist there’s around a 20% chance that Putin’s warning over Ukraine will almost certainly lead to an actual nuclear detonation.

Bury added the Russian President is likely to use a small “tactical” nuclear weapon against Ukrainian troops or detonate a larger nuclear bomb out at sea.

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Pavel Felgenhauer, a defence analyst based in Moscow, echoed the warning as he told the Scottish Press and Journal, “An option is to explode a nuclear weapon somewhere over the North Sea between Britain and Denmark and see what happens.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a Geneva disarmament meeting via a video call, that Ukraine has been seeking to acquire nuclear weapons which is a “real danger” that required a Russian response.

Lavrov said, “Today the dangers that Zelensky’s regime pose for neighbouring countries and international security in general have increased substantially after the authorities set up in Kyiv have embarked upon dangerous games related to plans to acquire their own nuclear weapons.

“Ukraine still has Soviet nuclear technologies and the means of delivery of such weapons.

“We cannot fail to respond to this real danger.”

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