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Experts warn extra measures could happen as ‘tier 3 restrictions are almost certainly not enough’

by LLB Politics Reporter
17th Oct 20 2:22 pm

England’s top scientist has warned that the country could have far tougher and “extra measures” imposed to reduce the virus rate.

England’s chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance has warned that the Tier system are “on their own almost certainly aren’t enough to get the R below one.”

England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty who has no faith in the three tiered system and warned that local health leaders could introduce “additional” measures.

Sir Vallance said during a Downing Street press office, “It’s crucial that where the R is above one and the numbers are high, to get the R below one for all the reasons that have been outlined, including, of course, the hospitalisations which are increasing.

“So, it’s crucial that’s done and there are a number of ways that it can be done.”

Whitty added, “And as the chief medical officer said, Tier three baseline conditions on their own, almost certainly aren’t enough to get the R below one.”

Sir Vallance added, “In terms of the extra measures, they’re all laid out what the extra measures are, and I think that’s where local knowledge and local insight can add and make sure that enough of those extra measures are put on top of baseline Tier 3 in order to get this working and to get the R below one.

“But if you go to higher levels in Tier 3 and start adding in other areas then… they should be enough to get R below one, provided they are fully implemented and we all stick to them.”

Other leading scientists are warning that the new three tier system is not enough, and the government must go further to reduce the spread of the virus.

Scientists from the Independent SAGE back a nationwide circuit breaker lockdown which should replicate the same measures as seen in the spring.

The lockdown will last for two to three weeks with the closure of leisure, hospitality sectors, non-essential shops to close, with businesses, schools and universities.

The former chief scientific adviser Sir David King has set out a six-week “emergency plan” which will bring the daily coronavirus cases down to below 5,000.

This comes as new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that almost 28,000 people were infected every day during the first week of October.

Hospital admissions are soaring the death rate is getting higher each day which could reach between 240 to 690 a day within the next week, scientists are warning.

Professor Christina Pagel of University College London said, “Cases, hospitalisations and deaths are rising across England.

“The tiered system will not be enough to reverse growth.

“Despite four weeks of living under “tier 2” type restrictions in many areas and three weeks of “tier 1” restrictions elsewhere, cases continued to increase rapidly everywhere.”

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