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Experts reveal extraordinary ways good vehicle health can save your life

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24th Jun 21 3:14 pm

A vehicle health check is not just about ensuring that it is running efficiently and so you can reach the top speed the car might be capable of. It is there to make sure that some of the vehicle’s safety features are in good working order, as well. What are the less well-known checks that might be made during an inspection that could end up saving your life?

Light checks

You’ll probably know if your main beam headlamps stop working and do something about it but what about the lesser-used lights? For example, your fog light might only be used once a year but if the bulb has gone, you’ll often never know. Whether it works could make the difference between someone behind you ploughing into your car or not in inclement conditions.

Tyre inspections

Everyone knows that they shouldn’t drive on balding tyres. However, there is more to a tyre inspection than checking the tread. What about the seal of the rim which might be losing pressure continually so you enjoy less grip? Equally, tyre bulges indicate deterioration with the rubber compounds used in tyres and mean they need to be replaced.

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Brake pad confirmation

Brake pads wear down progressively. Therefore, you might not notice just how spongy they have become. Have yours inspected and it might help you to stop in an emergency situation on the road. Don’t wait until they start to squeak!

Seatbelt checks

Drivers are so used to seat belts these days that they barely think about them. However, inspecting them could save our lives. It is not just obvious signs of wear, such as fraying, you need to look out for, but twisted belts that get caught up and buckles that don’t always make a secure fastening each time you get behind the wheel.

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