Eurostar could be plunged into chaos over no-deal Brexit


A government report has indicated that Eurostar train services could face severe disruptions, should the UK enter into a no-deal Brexit.

The report written by the Department for Transport has said the worst-case scenario, could see daily que’s stretching for almost a mile from St Pancras station, according to the Financial Times.

Reportedly, the 11-page document was shared with Network Rail and Eurostar. The government was told by Eurostar that if the UK leaves with a no-deal, the company may only survive for 12 weeks, according to a source for the Financial Times.

A DfT spokesperson told the Financial Times, “The government continues to work towards a [Brexit] deal and we are confident that we will have agreements in place to ensure cross-channel rail services continue after Brexit.

“We are working closely with industry to develop sensible contingency plans which ensure that the Eurostar and domestic rail services continue running.”