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Essential ways to reach more potential business customers

by John Saunders
19th Dec 19 12:44 pm

The question for every new business owner is how to let potential clients know that their business exists. For veteran businesspersons, their desire is to get to new leads to convert. Meeting new clients is not rocket science; however, it can be quite a challenging part of the business process. Getting to a level of conversion means considerable investment in money and effort has to be put in place.

Of importance is that you develop a comprehensive outreach plan by first understanding the demographics of interested clients. Afterward, identify the marketing strategies that will be suitable for your business in this campaign by factoring in the upfront costs and the ultimate return on investment.

Luckily, the digital marketing landscape has excellent tools and tactics that you can leverage to reach out to more consumers. Content marketing and professional voicemail services such as a power dialer are just examples of such techniques. Some are free, while others might need initial capital investment.

Below are a few novel ways you can use to reach out to more potential business customers:

Content marketing

Contrary to conventional push marketing techniques, pull marketing is less intrusive to consumers, with an intention to educate rather than advertise. This can be done through publishing content that provides value to a target client.

Creating content such as blogs, e-newsletters, and articles helps build a community around your brand. Continually releasing new tips and facts is a surefire way to make real connections. An e-newsletter also opens a new floodgate for customers to enter as it provides you with direct contact to potential clients via email.

Additionally, these content pieces can position your brand as an expert in a particular product niche or industry, enabling you to reach more customers.

Leveraging social media

The digital marketing landscape considers social media as a significant influencer to customer buying decisions. You can engage the target audience through platforms like Instagram, where you can share photos of your products. In this case, it is essential that you have quality photos with high aesthetic value in order to appeal to a visually-stimulated client.

Consequently, you can piggyback on your LinkedIn following to post how-to guides to potential customers, especially if you are a technology company. The golden rule of thumb is that you research your target customer group and understand where they mostly spend their time to get value from your social networking ad investment and reach more clients.

Capitalising on the power of subscriptions

Embrace subscription-based purchasing if you want to convert a one-time purchase customer into a returning client, so you can then bring more revenue to your business. Subscriptions can give you the assurance that this customer is within reach and that you have the opportunity to impress them so they become loyal to your brand. The subscription model will help your business retain clients while selling more of your products or services.

Organising webinars

With webinars, the only cost is a small upfront investment in a software or app that allows you to give online presentations and teach people on any topic of interest. It has the potential to generate leads all over the world, but be careful in identifying subjects that will be of interest to your target market. Otherwise, you might lose out on the goal of the webinar.

Another key tactic is harnessing the power of well-known brands by co-hosting sessions with them. This creates a springboard for you when they promote your brand across their network.

Accessing press or local news coverage

Establishing your expertise as a brand provides areas of leverage. Reaching out to local publication companies with unique pitches for your brand can be an impactful way of reaching more clients.

If you have a budget to spare, you can also get yourself airtime on a popular TV show. But don’t do so to make a blatant sale. Rather, you can offer giveaways or, even better, run a contest where people compete to win a prize. It can be an excellent hook to fish additional clients. Any contact information from calls from prospects that you get after such shows should be well put into your mailing list.

Getting referrals

Nothing says organic marketing like referrals. When you provide exemplary service, you cannot run short of references and positive feedback. So, go out of your way to impress your clients and you’re sure to make headlines.

Another equally important approach is to ask them to evangelize the business on your behalf. When you use existing clients, you cannot fail in building a more comprehensive client database. As if that is not enough, you can also create a referral program, where you offer incentives like rewarding or congratulating those who refer you.

Attending trade shows

Reach out to more clients by participating in trade fares. Sometimes it might be a hassle to get and man your own booth, so you can look for someone to share the space with. Be on the lookout as well for other exhibitors that can be potential business partners. You may be able to form business-to-business (B2B) partnerships in the process.

Conducting competition research

Competitive intelligence will help you get invaluable information that otherwise might be out of your reach. When you understand what others in the industry are doing, this gives you the ability to position your brand strategically to give yourself an edge over the others.

Some information that may be useful include characteristics of their client base and current pricing models. With this data, you can find innovative ways to use your strengths to get ahead not only in growing your customer base, but raising your sales, too.

Being of help

You’ll never know how being of assistance to someone can earn you business. Through your engagements and proactiveness to offer ideas and help out, you get the opportunity to reach unknown places and meet new people.

And this goes beyond helping businesses. You can also align yourself with a non-profit organization to contribute to a cause that helps humanity. This widens the horizon and territories your brand will be promoted to, the benefits of which you can reap in the long-term.

Cross-promotion with other products

Sometimes, it is appropriate to reach out to people you share a client with and learn of innovative ways to build each other up. One way to do this is to include a brief note in your invoices or project briefs about your partner’s service that is relevant to your client.

Personalised emails

Be proactive in starting conversations with people so they convert from strangers to loyal customers. Once you have identified your targets, send emails that are relevant and specific to them, their situation, and their needs. Individualized messaging has a high likelihood of response as opposed to generic email campaigns.

Play space marketing

Space marketing refers to going where your best prospects are and trying to persuade them to avail of your product or service. For example, the immersive experience of augmented reality at the 2018 Fifa World Cup was an exciting way of engaging football fans by giving them an actual memory tied to Coca-Cola. Participants were allowed to show off their football skills alongside professional player Xherdan Shaqiri outside Zurich’s main train station in Switzerland. The goal was to get as many fans to win the official match ball of the Fifa World Cup.

Creating a professional greeting style

When a potential customer calls your hotline, you have to make sure that the people tasked to answer are skilled and professional enough. It is advisable to get the services of a professional voice mail system, with options to callers such as:

  • Press #1 to hear about our services
  • Press #2 to talk directly with an agent

This can save you from losing potential clients. You can also stream your communications using a platform that provides a power dialer and mass text messaging. This helps you effectively send multimedia message campaigns out to your target market.

Clearing doubts through phone calls and visits

Calling customers first is a great method to gain clarity about a particular prospect. This allows you to touch base with a customer and begin building solid business relationships with them. And when possible, you can even give them a visit and speak to them in person to help strengthen your partnership, too.

Create networking opportunities

Your business can get noticed when you organize seminars and invite players in the industry to attend. Workshops offer a platform for free publicity and the ability to get a set of pre-qualified prospects, too.

Additionally, to increase the chances of being noticed, you can decide to attend local meetups that are aligned with your niche, too. You can go further and join industry associations. This allows you to ask questions about the market and your prospects, gain knowledge about new trends and updates in your field of work.

These networking opportunities can be a formidable gamechanger, as they can save you lots of back and forth trying to force a relationship without initial contact.

Be specific in targets

Narrowing your target audience saves you quality time and effort. When you focus on your target, you get a more qualified prospect base of customers who are more likely to be of value to your business.

Once you have identified this particular audience, harness your relationship with them through phone calls and emails. Occasionally, you can also dish out giveaways and freebies, further enticing them to avail of your products and services, too.

Joining online chats

Online groups in different platforms are great avenues for finding relevant information that can influence your business decisions. You can also meet new people who can help your projects and may even be future clients, too. Just remember not to do any promotion in these chatrooms and invest time and effort to engage and be active.

Create quality marketing tools

Customers cherish exceptional experiences. Whatever your business decides to use as a marketing tool should be of high quality to create a lasting impression on the buyer. Some of these items include stationers package, brochures, presentations, websites, and even your online adverts.

It is best to practice to put enough thought into the message you need to send to potential customers. The first impression is everything you need to get the buy-in of a prospect.

Offer training or an online course

Through training, you build trust with your consumers depending on your offerings. You can leverage training as an exciting avenue to eventually get sales. Training can be very good at increasing your client reach. Similarly, you can create online courses akin to popular learning platforms such as “Linkedin learning” or “Udemy” through them. You are assured of an international business portfolio due to the broader reach.

Run a group on LinkedIn

You can expand your business reach by getting people in your demographic of clients to join your LinkedIn group. From this, you are able to moderate the group personally and offer tips and articles about your solution offerings. You can make it even more interactive by asking for views and answering questions about your product. It can be a pretty simple initiative that increases your chance of reaching more clients.

Improving credibility through influencers

An influencer can help in building credibility and trust for your brand. However, it is wise to settle on an influencer that aligns with your product niche and marketing strategy. The influencer has a large following base, which you can ride on to increase your client reach. These influencers are, in most cases, thought leaders in your industry realm, or celebrities that resonate well with your brand. Posts by these kinds of personalities often create an impression of authenticity from their massive following due to the level of trust they are accorded. Most of their followers rely on them in making purchasing decisions. You will also experience improved product reach through relevant backlinks that can improve search engine optimization (SEO) for your business websites and social media pages.


There are many ways to reach more clients. However, it is vital to have a proper and defined plan of action. Also, devise a plan to measure the performance of every strategy you have employed to help you in the outreach. What this does is that it helps you make faster decisions, as well as offer an opportunity for you to be able to optimize your strategy according to changing customer interests.

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