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Essential considerations to make your military conference a great success

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5th Sep 22 1:22 pm

Planning a military conference is no different from any other event. You need to consider all the elements that make it successful, which include venue, catering, speakers, and networking groups.

This blog will provide some key considerations for your next military conference and how they can benefit your organisation in terms of building relationships and raising awareness of your brand.

A great venue

The venue is crucial in any military conference, so it must be chosen with care. The location should be easy to get to, have ample parking, and be comfortable enough to create an atmosphere supporting business networking.

The size of the venue should be large enough for your audience to fit in comfortably but small enough that they can still interact with each other and engage with speakers on stage.

The equipment and technology available at a venue will help determine if your conference will run successfully or not. A conference room without screens or microphones would make it difficult for someone presenting on their computer screen to communicate easily with attendees who may not be seated close by them.

Consider the tech

The next thing to think about is the tech, and this is something that can make or break a conference. You might be able to get away with low-quality sound and video if your conference attendees are all in one room, but it will definitely be noticed if you have people attending from across multiple countries.

Having an excellent wifi signal throughout your venue is also important, as this will ensure that everyone can connect to the network easily and stay connected throughout the day.

Think about your audience

It is important to understand the audience’s needs and wants. What do they want to learn? What have they heard before that they’re interested in hearing again? How can you provide something new and interesting for them to hear, but also something that will answer their questions and needs?

The key here is understanding what the audience already knows, so you can be sure that your presentation covers everything you believe is important for them.

The second step is to find out what the audience wants to know. If you don’t have time to do a lot of research, just ask them. Send an email, poll people on their social media channels, or talk with people in person before your presentation. In addition to learning what they want, you’ll also get some valuable feedback about how well your presentation resonates with its audience.

Ensure you have great catering

Catering is one of the most important aspects of a successful military conference. Without good food, your attendees will not be able to concentrate on the talks and discussions taking place around them.

You need to ensure that you have great catering, including:

  • High-quality and tasty food that is healthy for all dietary requirements
  • The food needs to be available at the right temperature throughout the day
  • And finally, your catering needs to be served on time

High profile speakers

After all, your attendees will most likely be busy professionals who don’t have time to watch videos or read books. It helps if you can find someone who is already popular in your industry and can speak about their experiences in it. For instance, if you’re running a conference for military consultants and trainers, having someone like a reputed general will make all the difference because they have experience working with soldiers at the border.

The next step is finding out whether they would be willing to speak at your event by reaching out to them personally (or through his/her agent).

Be clear on your goals

To get the best results, it is important to be clear on your goals. Goals are what you want to achieve by holding your military conference, while objectives are how you plan to achieve these outcomes. Defining success will make it easier for everyone involved in organising the event, as well as attendees and sponsors, so they know what is expected of them and can give their full support toward achieving those goals.

It’s also crucial that you have an understanding of what you do not want at your event because this will help inform decisions about how it should be run or organised.


A military conference is about bringing together different people who share an interest in a particular topic; these events can be held any time of year and for any reason. They can be used for training or just for fun, but part of planning such an event involves knowing what kind of venue will suit your needs best.


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