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Edwina Currie insists ‘conniving’ Farage’s naked shower moment is part of ‘foolish’ jungle ‘strategy’

by LLB Reporter
24th Nov 23 5:42 am

Nigel Farage was billed as one of I’m a Celeb’s most controversial contestants when his name was announced for this year’s show.

But it wasn’t his political views that raised eyebrows this week, as the former UKIP leader instead shocked viewers when he bared his bottom in the waterfall showers just days into his jungle stint.

Former MP Edwina Currie, who starred on the show in 2014, insists that Nigel’s nudity was likely planned and believes the former UKIP leader will be plotting his next big publicity stunt to ensure all eyes are on him.

In an interview with Spin Genie, Edwina also reveals that Fred Sirieix was somewhat at fault during his row with Nella Rose.

What did you think of Nigel baring his bottom on TV?

“You have to wonder what he was thinking. My suspicion is that he’s lived on the continent for far too long and perhaps bottom flashing is regarded as normal in Strasbourg or Brussels!

“But I can’t see how flashing his bottom would appeal to his following. Maybe the women at a stretch. But less to the men. You don’t need to get naked when you shower in the jungle. I’ve never heard of anyone doing it.”

Do you think it was a strategic ploy on Nigel’s part to gain airtime?

“It’s hard to believe that stripping off when there are cameras everywhere is accidental so you have to wonder what is going through his head. What does he think his bottom is going to do for members of the public? But yes, he certainly has a strategy.”

What do you think his strategy is?

“He’s revealed that trials guarantee 25% of air time. I don’t know how he’s got that information. But he’s clearly been mentally ready to do lots and lots of trials.

“However, the public aren’t voting him in to do trials. They’re voting for Nella now. Nigel isn’t as controlled as I first thought. He’s a bit impulsive and a bit of an idiot. The flashing of the bottom shows that. It’s just not a good idea for anyone to flash and he was foolish to do that.”

Nigel went on I’m a Celeb to open himself up to a wider audience but do you think he’s jeopardising things?

“Keeping your knickers on in public is not exactly a high standard for anyone, let alone a politician. There’s something very considered and manipulative going on in Nigel’s mind.”

Nigel did admit to Grace that he wanted to do trials for airtime. Do you think it was a mistake to show his hand?

“I think Nigel has found that the producers have shifted their interest from him to Fred or Nella and the emotions of the other women in camp. Nigel won’t be happy about that.

“He’ll be frustrated and puzzled as to why the attention has been turned away from him. He’s realising he’s out of the limelight and will not be a happy bunny. He may be questioning whether entering this show was the right decision and whether he should have gone on a tour of packed out arenas instead.”

Is Nigel planning his next big move to get airtime?

“Is Nigel conniving? Almost certainly. He’s thinking hard about his next move and how to do it. Most of his campmates will be thinking how to survive. Where’s the next meal coming from?

“Are we going to have enough stars? Do we have to eat crocodile feet again? They’re thinking about trivial matters. Nigel will be thinking much wider than that. But he’s not in control.

“That’s the difficult thing and maybe the realisation has hit him and is causing him a bit of grief. He is not in control, the programme makers are in control.”

In the political world, do you think any of Nigel’s colleagues will be tuning in to see how he does in the jungle?

“I think everybody that regards themselves as being interested in the world of politics is tuning in to watch Nigel. I don’t think Nigel has lost any fans but his aim to appeal to a wider group is probably not going as he thought. Nigel Farage is not able to be the dominant leader that he would wish to portray himself as.”

Do you think that would be driving him a little bit crazy?

“I think anything that demonstrates that Nigel is not the big boss guy that he is in his head will drive him crazy.”

Fred and Nella got into a row just days into the show. What did you make of that confrontation?

“I thought it was a rather strange argument. And to some extent, I thought Fred was a little bit at fault. Partly because he was talking down to her. And when he said ‘I’m old enough to be your dad’, there was an element of patronising in his manner. This was added to as I noticed that he wasn’t looking at Nella.

“He was concentrating on doing the cooking and she was looking at him. I think what she was doing was willing him to turn around and talk to her properly, which he didn’t do. Now, he intended his comment to be very self deprecating. But, of course, he couldn’t be Nella’s dad for all sorts of reasons.

“One of which is that her father’s dead. It’s understandable that she might still be upset. But to take offence and to get angry at somebody saying they could be your dad seems strange.

“I think it was partly because he was not paying her any attention. It was just sort of off the cuff remark. It meant nothing to him, whatever. He had no intention of upsetting or insulting her. And she flew off the handle in a very stupid and unpleasant way. That kind of tirade in a small space can be really horrible. Especially when he had no intention of hurting her or upsetting her.”

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