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EasyJet passenger holding nine-month old baby was punched by airport staff at Nice airport

30th Jul 17 6:38 pm

Travel misery…

An investigation has been launched as an EasyJet passenger was punched by a worker at Nice airport whilst he was holding a nine-month old baby, all because he complained as the flight was delayed.

A photograph that was posted on Twitter by Arabella Arkwright, shows the moment the passenger was punched.

Arkwright told BBC Radio 5: “The man with the baby… went over and talked to the Frenchman and the Frenchman didn’t reply, he just smiled and smirked and then whacked this guy on the left side of his face.”

Arkwright said: “This guy literally smirked, smiled as if, excuse my French, basically ‘f*** you,’ and then whack. It was a proper whacking.

“My husband pulled him off. You can see my husband’s face, he’s absolutely appalled. He’s the most unconfrontational man in the world.

“These were people who had had a lovely family holiday, who will remember this and think, ‘oh my God,’ – children crying, no nappies, no formulas, nobody allowed out.”

“All the easyJet employees at the airport were perfectly nice, very young, perfectly nice, they were non-aggressive.

“It wasn’t their fault. The structure does not work. Basically, they were cannon fodder.”

A passenger, called Carl said to the MailOnline: “The gentlemen that was physically assaulted was showing his concern regarding all passengers that were told they were about to board and forced to the end of a corridor which was not air conditioned and fairly confined with all the passengers, elderly, children and families. 

“People were feeling sick and unwell being kept in such conditions, to which he approached the desk to complain.

“Obviously things got out of hand and the airport staff employee lashed out and struck the man who was holding a child. 

“From what I could overhear, the staff member was showing no sympathy or concern for all of us that have been suffering for such a long period of time.

“The gentleman holding the baby was not arrested, but taken away for a private conversation.”

EasyJet said in a statement: “EasyJet is very concerned to see this picture and can confirm the person in the photo is not an easyJet member of staff and they do not work for easyJet’s ground handling agents in Nice.

“We are urgently taking this up with Nice Airport and their special assistance provider Samsic, who we understand the person photographed works for.”

In a statement released on Sunday, EasyJet said: “Passengers were provided with updates and refreshment vouchers during this time and the flight landed in London Luton last night.

“The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is always easyJet’s highest priority.

“EasyJet sincerely apologises for the delay and thanks passengers for their patience.”

Nice Police have confirmed a call about the incident at the airport was recieved, and it is being investigated.

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