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Easy at the top: CEOs undergoing fewer interviews than graduates for jobs

15th Oct 14 12:49 pm

We all know how difficult it is at the moment for graduates to get their first post-uni job.

But should it really be a tougher process than going for the top position in the whole company?

It seems that in many large companies, it can be. Potential new CEOs are undergoing fewer tests and interviews than graduates, at organisations known to almost half of the HR directors questioned in a new survey.

One in three CEOs aren’t subject to any due diligence whatsoever, according to the research from HireRight, which conducted interviews with 140 HR directors at companies with more than 5,000 employees.

Half the HR directors questioned said their management team just assumes those going for senior position have not fibbed during the application process or on their CV.

More than a quarter said they’ve resultantly hired people they would not have, if they’d conducted proper background screening.

All of which is rather worrying, really.

The obvious conclusion is that you definitely should check the purported backgrounds of those applying for senior roles in your business.

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