E-cigarettes were banned from London buses, trains & Tubes in August. Why didn't TfL let you know?


If you’re reading this on the bus/Tube/train, you may want to put that e-cigarette away right now.

Why? Because E-cigarettes have been banned on Tubes, trains, busses, stations, platforms and depots – basically, the entire public transport network in London. However, you can still smoke an e-cigarette at a bus stop as they aren’t governed by Transport for London (TfL).

According to the Standard, the ban came into effect in August but Transport for London didn’t bother making any public announcements.

Transport for London’s document states: “For safety reasons, on our buses and trains and in our bus and Underground stations you must not smoke or use an electronic cigarette (‘vape’) …You may be prosecuted for disobeying these requirements.”

Jill Collis, director of Health, Safety & Environment, said: “The full inclusion was brought in this August to remove potential for confusion and allow staff to approach any customer either smoking or using an Electronic Smoking Device with confidence, ensuring that the No Smoking ban is fully enforced.

“This would mitigate any residual potential fire risk and reduce the potential for staff assault by providing clarity and consistency in the treatment of all customers using our services.”

If caught “vaping” on public transport networks, TfL staff will first give offenders a verbal warning and can issue a fine for repeated offence.

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