Dominic Raab says I am the only ‘Brexiteer you can rely on’


Dominic Raab a Conservative leadership contender has claimed he is the only “Brexiteer you can rely on.”

He hit out against Boris Johnson’s pledge that he will cut income tax for those earning more than £50,000 per annum.

Raab said, “Think about what it’s going to be like for the next prime minister going into those Labour marginal seats.

“I’d much rather be going there saying I’m going to cut the taxes of the lowest paid in work, than succumbing to what will inevitably… be the caricature that ‘you’re the party of privilege and your only in it to help the wealthy’.”

He added, “Can you imagine going to the House of Commons with a tax cut which, rightly or wrongly, will be caricatured as benefitting people who are well off?”

He said he does not want a no-deal Brexit and said he has learned the UK “won’t even get a shot at a deal” unless the UK are prepared to walk away from negotiations.

Raab said, “We’ve been humiliated in these talks with the EU, let’s be honest about it.”