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Deliveroo to create 250 new tech jobs in drive to make UK innovation hub

26th Feb 18 10:00 am

Good news for London 

As Deliveroo celebrates its fifth birthday, the leading on-demand food company has today announced that it is to create 250 high-skilled new tech jobs in London this year. The announcement will mean that by December 2018 Deliveroo will have created nearly 600 new tech jobs in London in just two years, cementing its position as a leading British tech success.

This comes as the company reveals that its growth in order volumes was higher in the past 12 months than the previous 12 months. This growth signifies that the UK-based company will continue to invest and expand in the UK.

The announcement will be seen as a vote of confidence in the UK economy and the firm’s global ambitions as the company’s growth goes from strength to strength.

If Deliveroo continues to grow at its current rate, it is projected to create 23,700 jobs in its UK-based partner restaurants and will contribute £1.5 billion to the UK economy by 2018/19.

  • Deliveroo will hire tech experts from around the world, bringing the world’s best talent to the UK. The new hires will include data scientists, software engineers, product designers and managers, and specialists in cyber security.
  • Many of these roles will be at a senior level, building on the UK’s reputation for attracting tech talent from around the world.
  • Deliveroo is a British company with its global HQ in London. Its HQ will imminently be expanding to accommodate these new roles.
  • Across the globe, Deliveroo now has over 35,000 partner restaurants, works with 30,000 riders. These new hires will mean Deliveroo will employ over 2,000 full-time staff – with well over half of those based in the UK.
  • The technology that powers Deliveroo is British-born and has been exported around the world, across 12 countries and over 200 cities where the company operates.
  • The company’s Frank algorithm is based on powerful predictive technology and machine learning that has improved efficiency and dramatically cut delivery time.

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