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Deadliest mass shooting in US history as 50 people killed more than 200 injured at Route 91 Harvest country music festival

2nd Oct 17 12:06 pm

Here’s what happened

More than 50 people have been shot dead and over 200 have been injured, a gunman went on a rampage, shooting at thousands of festival goers from the 32nd floor at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas.

Police shot dead the gunman as they quickly moved inside the hotel, the room were the gunman was shot dead had a good view where the, Route 91 Harvest County Music Festival was taking place.

Long bursts of automatic gunfire could be heard across the festival, this clip shows the moment the gunman opened fire into the audience at the music festival.

Police are hunting this woman who is believed to be a house mate of the deceased gunman.

An eye witness said: “My friend told me to stay in the room because there was machine gun fire downstairs. 

“I went to the rooftop, you could see across the street, the music festival going on, the Route 91 Harvest music festival, and I was up there with my friend.

“We both saw people running, and bodies hitting the floor.”

Country musician Luke Combs said: Active shooter at @route91harvest in Vegas. We’re safe. Love you guys.”

Mandalay Bay Hotel posted this on Twitter:

The prime minister, Theresa May sent this Tweet:

A witness near to the shooting described to Fox News that I looked up saw the “smoke” coming out of a window of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the gunman fired “a couple of hundred rounds’ on festival goers at the country music gig from the 32nd floor.

“All of a sudden I heard what I thought was fireworks and I looked up and one of the windows was falling down, glass shattering, a few random gunshots and then a bunch of rapid fire gunshots that went on for about two minutes.

“You could hear screaming coming from over the concert area and the music stopped from over there.

“People were just trying to figure out what was going on.

“People were just walking out on the road and just looking up at the window.

“Finally, after a couple of minutes of this, people started to realise it was a shooter in the building.

“It was really crazy. There was muzzle fire and smoke coming out of the window and just rapid fire – a couple of hundred rounds were fired up there.

“The curtains in the window – the wind was drawing them out – and the gunfire was just tattering the curtains.

“Really, just frightening.

“I pulled back and got behind a vehicle under cover.”

This map shared by an ABC News reporter shows the areas of the Las Vegas strip that are in “lockdown.”

Police have warned people to avoid the strip until they are sure it is safe.


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