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Crush on London C2C train so severe businessmen “wet themselves”

29th Jan 16 10:28 am

Rumours of staff walkout as shortage of drivers and smaller trains blamed for late night travel pandemonium

It’s no secret that the UK’s rail network is the worst in Europe.

For many of London’s workers, commuting has become an expensive and unavoidable endurance test as overcrowding reaches shameful proportions.

Last night commuters told how two businessmen were unable to move through the crowded train to reach the lavatories, and could not avoid wetting themselves in their seats.

According to the Evening Standard around 12 C2C train services from Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street stations were cancelled, and others were delayed.

Speaking to the Standard, regular commuter Hannah Fisher, who caught the 10.29pm train from Fenchurch Street said: “I’ve never seen it like this in 15 years, I was horrified.

“At Fenchurch St the delays just kept popping up on the board and staff couldn’t or wouldn’t say anything. 

“When I managed to board it was mayhem. One man by the doors was trying to get through the crush but kept being pushed back, people couldn’t move to let him through. In the end he just couldn’t hold it.

“Another chap in a seat got up and tried squeezing past but he couldn’t move. When he left that the man next to him said ‘well those trousers will be going to the dry cleaners tomorrow’”.

Illness or driver walkout?

C2C operator National Express blamed the delays and cancellations on 14 of its 150 train drivers falling ill at the same time. However, several Twitter users described the situation as an “unofficial strike” as a result of a dispute between drivers and management over the introduction of a new timetable.


Has Britain’s rail service reached the high-water mark for bad service?

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