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Covid-19: Officials warn stricter measures are set to hit the UK

by LLB Reporter
28th Mar 20 10:56 am

In just 22 days the UK has had 14,579 cases of coronavirus, 3,919 are in London with 155 deaths, out of 759 across the country.

Government officials have warned that stricter social distancing measures are set to happen from next month.

These measures are set to happen within three weeks when it is predicted that the UK would have reached its peak, to further reduce “person-to-person interaction.”

Friday saw the UKs largest death toll of 181 people in just 24 hours bringing the total to 759. Experts are predicting that every three to four days cases will double across the UK.

A senior government advisor said the numbers of infected people and deaths will continue to rise, for at least the next three weeks, with the peak hitting Easter.

The advisor said hospitals “should be ok” but said “we can’t guarantee it” as some hospitals intensive care units (ICU) could start to be overwhelmed.

If the number of deaths see a significant rise, then the government will role out “greater enforcement” over social distancing measures.

The government advisor told the Mail Online, they will do “anything that can be done to push” the virus down “further.”

The advisor said, “I expect death numbers to increase over two, three or four weeks, and then to gradually decrease.”

On Friday, Professor Jim Naismith, an expert in structural biology at Oxford University said, “Although Covid-19 is a mild disease for over 80% of us, today’s deaths will have come as a terrible blow to families.

“The increase in the deaths are following the exponential pattern predicted.

“This means we are likely to continue to see further increases in the numbers of daily deaths until social distancing measures have their effect.

“The deaths tomorrow and in the days ahead will be of people who were infected before the social distancing measures were implemented.”

The two-metre social distancing rule being used to keep people apart may need to be, at least four times larger to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which is a private research university have written a shocking new report over the spread of coronavirus.

Dr Mike Tildesley, of the University of Warwick added, “We may expect to see the number of daily confirmed cases continue to climb, before starting to decline once the current social distancing measures start to have an effect.”

West Midlands Police have said that a temporary morgue is being built at Birmingham Airport ready for the expected rise in coronavirus deaths.

Construction work has started at the airport which will be able to hold room for 1,500 bodies and it is expected to be able to hold more.

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