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Corporate travel takes the top spot for preferred transport methods

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22nd Jul 19 3:04 pm

Corporate travel has always been a huge talking point amongst businesses. Today however, the advantages of using specialist corporate taxi services would appear to be far outweighing numerous other options available such as bus and train. With added insurance requirements for employees driving themselves during working hours, corporate travel begins to look more and more advantageous.

Still not convinced? You may be after reading some of the biggest advantages when using corporate taxi services for your company. We went to Woking Mini Cabs, a provider of corporate travel with their business taxi service and asked them why so many choose to use corporate transport services. You may be surprised by some of their answers.

Affordability – this is perhaps the benefit that many are surprised about. When people first hear about corporate travel, they automatically assume prices will be astronomical. Corporate travel however, often means far better rates as you’ll be using them on a far more regular occurrence. The widespread misconception about higher prices is one that needs to be put to rest. Whether they’re escorting employees to the airport or to their next meeting, Woking Minicabs ensure their prices are fair and affordable, regardless of whether you’re travelling in their standard saloon or something a little more luxury. Using such a service is guaranteed to save you more in the long run.

Flexibility – as a dedicated transport service, the likes of Woking Minicabs, offers a huge amount of flexibility in both transport options as well as timings of service. Any reputable taxi company should offer round the clock services. Just as a business doesn’t clock off, neither should a transport company. Whether you need an employee driven to another meeting ready for 7am or to the airport to catch a flight at 2am, a corporate transport service will ensure they get there.

Time Is Money – as they say, time is money. A dedicated taxi service will help you save a huge amount of time in the form of efficient journeys which will inevitably save you money in the long run in the form of time gained. Any time saved will naturally translate into further profits, even if it’s in the form of less overtime payment to that employee as their journeys become more efficient.

Professionalism – just as you expect professionalism from your employees, so too do your employees. With a dedicated corporate taxi service, your employees can expect experienced and dedicated drivers to transport them on all of their journeys, ensuring safe and efficient journeys at all times. This will only aid in delivering much higher value services to your clients and executives.

Contact Woking Minicabs Today

If you’d like more information on a dedicated corporate taxi service, such as the one provided by Woking Minicabs, simply contact them today on 01483 833833 today. Whether you have a meeting with a client, or simply an ordinary day traveling from one office to another, their executive travel services will ensure you travel in style, comfort and save money along the way.

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