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Cloudflare bug leaks sensitive information

24th Feb 17 2:53 pm

What happens next?

A bug found within the Cloudflare network accidently exposed sensitive information.

The firm protects many different websites by routing traffic through its own network, filtering out any hack attacks.

The company has a total of four million clients, this includes banks, governments and shopping sites.

Customers wouldn’t particularly know if any of their online services run through Cloudflare as it isn’t made visible.

Cloudflare was moving from an older system to a newer one when the issue came to light, this occurred between the 13 and 18 February.

Chief operating officer John Graham-Cumming said that around 120,000 web pages per day may have contained unencrypted information.

He told the BBC that there was no evidence suggesting that the data had been used maliciously.

He said: “I can’t tell you it’s zero probability that nobody saw something and did something mischievous,”

“I am not changing any of my passwords. I think the probability that somebody saw something is so low it’s not something I am concerned about.”

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