Cloud telecommunications company Zadarma is waiving monthly and connection fees for the UK freephone number


Last week IP telecommunications provider Zadarma has announced that it is lifting the connection and monthly fees for freephone numbers in the United Kingdom. Currently, all 800 and 808 numbers available on the Zadarma website are free of charge.

By lifting connection and monthly fees Zadarma allows companies to significantly enhance their reputation and customer relationship. With a freephone number clients are able to call the company for free, the cost of the call is covered by the business. This way there is no barrier between the two parties, and nothing stands in the way of excellent customer care.

Aside from increasing customer satisfaction, a virtual toll-free (freephone) number can help a company to:

  • Raise credibility; the general population is used to seeing those numbers associated with larger and more established companies, and this is a reputation that a freephone number will help achieve
  • Increase reach; freephone numbers are not dependent on a location and are free for clients from any part of the country
  • Broaden availability; a virtual freephone number only requires a stable Internet connection or call forwarding, and a company representative can accept calls anywhere in the world

Accessing all these benefits free of charge can provide companies and solo entrepreneurs with a competitive advantage. Connecting a freephone number from Zadarma does not take longer than a few minutes.

About Zadarma:
Zadarma is an international cloud telecommunications company that was established over 12 years ago. It provides companies and individuals with virtual phone numbers from 90 countries around the world, free website widgets and free Cloud PBX. It is trusted by over 1,250,000 clients from all over the world.