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Churchill Group creates Covid-19 task force businesses

by LLB Reporter
13th May 20 6:24 am

With the wait over for detailed workplace guidance, please find comments below from Antony Law at Churchill Group, which provides cleaning, security, catering and compliance services across the UK.

The company has launched a coronavirus symptom tracker which allows staff to self-report should they have symptoms or not. This not only prevents the spread of the virus but it also offers the workforce reassurance.

Antony Law, Churchill Group, Managing Director, London said, “The only factor we can control is the infection rate and facilities management is key in this pursuit. For example, if David walks through the front door as an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, everything he touches – the door handles, the toilet flush, the soap dispensers, the kettle in the kitchen, the arms of the chairs he sits in – may become contaminated.

“If there’s a strict cleaning regime in place that sees those touchpoints cleaned regularly, the exposure and infection rate is likely to be reduced. Deep cleaning is a crucial measure, but perhaps more important is the thought that goes into the cleaning and hygiene regimes that will follow.

“At group level, Churchill’s management team has created a COVID task force and, as a result, different business areas have launched a matrix of services designed to support our customers and offer peace of mind that their environments are safe to the very highest standards. Our cleaning and environmental teams, for example, are already working with customers to implement enhanced hygiene regimes that will proactively reduce the risk of spreading the virus when the time comes to return to the office.

“To that end, we have invested in everything from Ultra Low Volume (ULV) disinfectant fogging and industry leading Covid-19 swab testing, to handwashing signposts in washrooms and refillable soap dispensers.

“Our prerogative is to ensure our teams remain safe and well. To that end, our security division Amulet is using thermal cameras to identify any raised temperatures with a view to ensuring symptomatic individuals are sent to receive the appropriate medical attention.

“Through our Mo:dus technology platform, we have invested significantly in our communications to frontline staff to ensure that they self-isolate if they come under risk of contracting the virus. We have launched a coronavirus symptom tracker which allows our staff to self-report should they have symptoms or not.

“This not only prevents the spread of the virus between our teams but it also offers people reassurance that we are doing everything in our power to protect each other. The app will be available to external organisations from early May.

“It’s imperative that the returning workforce feels safe and reassured that their employers are doing everything possible to keep them healthy. We all have a role to play in preventing a second wave but the facilities manager is arguably the protagonist.”

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