Christmas fervour grips Twitter: Must watch ads this weekend


Ads from John Lewis, M&S, Debenhams, Boots and Aldi out now

This weekend, make sure you catch up on the soulful Christmas ads from John Lewis, M&S, Debenhams, and Aldi and join the wave of happiness embracing social media.

While the storyline of the M&S ad is about a Paddington Bear helping out a would-be robber, and in the process teaching him the magic of Christmas, Debenhams has chosen a magical love story set in the modern-day world of social media.

It’s the return of Kevin-the carrot in Aldi’s latest Christmas ad where he is chasing the Santa (and a lady carrot) on a train while John Lewis appeared to play safe with its same-old narrative of sleepy, adorable boy with #MozTheMonster.