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China warns UK’s interference in Hong Kong will ‘definitely backfire’

3rd Jun 20 2:44 pm

China has warned the UK over their interference into Hong Kong’s affairs will “backfire” as the British Prime Minister and Dominic Raab have criticised the new security law.

Britain has been told, they have no jurisdiction or supervision over Hong Kong, said China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

He further said that any threat to the city’s stability and prosperity comes from foreign forces, meaning the UK.

The spokesman insisted that all decision over national security and decisions in Hong Kong are China’s affairs and that the UK’s connection stems from “aggressive colonisation and unequal treaties.”

He said, “The UK’s irresponsible remarks and accusations have grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs including Hong Kong affairs.

“We advise the UK side to step back from the brink.

“The UK said the legislation is authoritarian, but this word is the exact characterisation of the UK’s former rule over Hong Kong.”

This comes as Boris Johnson wrote in The Times newspaper and the China Daily, that he is ready to open the door to 2.85m citizens from Hong Kong.

The British Prime Minister said the new national security law in the territory will breach the treaty between China and the UK.

Johnson said, “If China imposes its national security law, the British government will change our immigration rules and allow any holder of these passports from Hong Kong to come to the UK for a renewable period of 12 months and be given further immigration rights, including the right to work, which could place them on a route to citizenship.

“This would amount to one of the biggest changes in our visa system in British history.

“Many people in Hong Kong fear their way of life, which China pledged to uphold, is under threat.

“If China proceeds to justify their fears, then Britain could not in good conscience shrug our shoulders and walk away; instead we will honour our obligations and provide an alternative.”

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