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China threatens Australia with a billion dollar trade war over probe

14th May 20 2:42 pm

China has been warned by Australia that they will not stop for calls into an investigation over the outbreak of coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Beijing have furiously threated a billion dollar trade war as China have threatened tariffs on Australia’s agriculture exports. But the Australian government have warned China they will not back down over an inquiry into the pandemic that has had a global locked down.

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton said: “Australia’s done nothing more than stand up for our values and we will consistently do that.

The Prime Minister has been resolute in standing up for Australians in relation to this matter. And that won’t change.”

Australian government are calling for an independent inquiry over the cause of the pandemic which has angered Beijing.

Australian trade minister Simon Birmingham said, “Australia certainly holds our own, we adopt our policy positions consistent with our values and we don’t entertain economic coercion in any sense in terms of changing our policy positions.”

The Chinese authorities suspended four large beef exporters from Australia and have introduced an 80% tariff on Barley shipments.

However, Chinese officials said, “privately and publicly these are unconnected matters.”

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