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Cameron might have been parachuted in to handle foreign policy, but his calm approach is the win for Sunak 

16th Nov 23 2:15 pm

People are going to have mixed views on the return to government of former PM David Cameron as Foreign Secretary, but for me DC’s political comeback represents the possibility that some sanity might break out in Westminster.

For me, even though David Cameron has been drafted into the Foreign Secretary brief, his return to the cabinet as the last great supporter of apprenticeships is definitely good news for the country as a whole, and millions of young Brits desperate for a future and a great career.

Cameron may have been the man who inadvertently kicked off a decade of crazy politics that saw four PMs come and go from Downing Street; the UK depart the European Union, Covid hit and the economy falter. But as the last unwavering One Nation Tory to hold the UK’s top job it seems to me his calm, tolerant attitude towards everyone is just what we need in politics right now.

David Cameron is undoubtedly the right man to take over the international brief at a very tricky time in world history and politics. But it’s his ability to stabilise the ship on the home front within the cabinet that I’m most looking forward to. Remember it was David Cameron who, in a time of austerity, successfully headed a five-year coalition government with the Lib Dems.

As we are told regularly by both major political parties we need to build 1.5 million houses in the next five years, and then there’s 20 million homes that need to have their central-heating upgraded to meet net-zero targets. And if you ask me the roads, rails and hospitals are in the worst state I’ve seen in my lifetime.

So yes, I welcome the return of Lord Cameron to frontline politics; I hope that his more moderate, compassionate and compromising approach to government spreads to some of his new cabinet colleagues, but most of all I hope that his enthusiasm for apprenticeships again becomes a core plank of his party’s policies.

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