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Business strategy choice: five main criteria you should take account of while outsourcing an IT developers team

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25th Jul 19 11:08 am

The introduction of modern technologies into business has led to the need to create IT departments in companies with a developed technological infrastructure, which in turn has led to an increase in the cost of maintaining them. As usual, financial difficulties make this harder for small businesses and non-IT companies. The best solution for this situation is to bring onboard an IT outsourcing company. For small non-IT companies, it is very beneficial to use the services of IT-outsourcing, and avoid creating an IT department. Here are five main advantages for non-IT companies to hire an IT outsourcing company to improve business processes.

Outsourcing IT companies

An outsourcing IT company is engaged in technical functions and is engaged as remote support, eliminating the need to have an in-house specialist in the office.

Functions that can be given to outsourcing companies include: software and application development, web development, hosting, technical support, telecommunications, help desk, and database development.

All these functions and tasks require a professional approach from specialists. It often happens that the company is not specialised in IT tasks, or needs these functions for individual projects. That is why IT outsourcing companies gain their popularity as they offer an advantageous alternative to creating a separate department for temporary projects.

There are three types of IT outsourcing, depending on the location of the outsourcing work:

  • Moving a business or service abroad, frequently for favourable economic conditions
  • Transfer of business or services to a neighbouring country
  • Homeshoring/onshoring: allow workers to work from home instead of offices

Nowadays, there is an opportunity to outsource any work competencies: from HR processes to translation services. It is wise to consider such options for small or large companies and many reasons to do it.

Main advantages for non-IT companies to hire an outsourced dedicated team

The rapid development of computer technologies and their presence in all spheres of human activity not only causes many problems but also leads to many difficulties.

The field of computer technology is one of the most complex branches of science and at the same time, one of the most important sciences in society today.

Non-IT organisations or enterprises cannot do without a computer, which means it is very important to have competent remote IT developers who can ensure the uninterrupted operation of the enterprise’s computer system.

Having a full-time IT specialist as a member of staff implies many financial costs, and they are not always taken into account in the non-IT company budget. In such enterprises, the need for a permanent IT-specialist, as a rule, is absent. Therefore, for the effective operation of an enterprise, the best option is to employ an IT outsourcing company.

Five advantages of outsourcing to a dedicated development team

There are several reasons why non-IT companies and entrepreneurs should outsource some parts of the business.

  • Expertise: sometimes an outsourcing service provider has special equipment or technical expertise, which makes them more preferable in the performance of an assigned task within an outsourcing company
  • Reduced costs: The big positive of outsourcing to an IT company is the savings in work and equipment. Of course, the main remote team hiring criteria  is the economics – by outsourcing, there is no need to pay salaries, holiday pay, taxes, and provide additional workspace. Specialists of the service company make a complete setup of the organisation’s information systems, after which they only need to visit for routine checks of working capacity and troubleshooting any problems that arise. This service is especially popular with non-IT services companies when there is no reason to have members of staff from the service provider on site.
  • Staff flexibility: outsourcing helps seasonal or cyclical operations to use additional resources as and when the company needs it, and stop using them when these tasks are finished.
  • Confidentiality. Often, company executives prefer full-time employees because they are afraid of information leaks as an inhouse IT specialist will have access to almost all commercial and personal information belonging to a company as part of them performing their duties. However, these fears are groundless. For the outsourced service company, there is no motive for this as the IT outsourcing provider will suffer crucial reputational damage if there was a leak, which could jeopardise its entire business.
  • High professionalism. Employees of an outsourcing company will constantly deal with the latest developments which will require continuous improvement of their skills by attending industry seminars, conferences and courses. This is one of the basic principles because the IT industry is by far the most dynamically developing sectors in the market and only highly qualified employees allow the company to be competitive.

Many still believe that IT outsourcing is relevant only for IT companies. However, this service is useful and economically beneficial for representatives of non-it companies.

All companies requires proper maintenance of the local network, computers, constant software updates and many other types of work that ensure the stable operation of the company’s IT infrastructure. Hiring an individual specialist does not always mean that all these tasks can be done efficiently and effectively. Besides, the additional costs of wages, taxes, provision, and maintenance of the workplace can make it uneconomical.

An IT outsourcing company will solve all these issues quickly and effectively.

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