Brits uneasy returning to sport matches, concerts and public transport


In new polling by Ipsos MORI, two-thirds (67%) of Britons say they will feel uncomfortable going to large public gatherings, such as sports or music events, compared to how they felt before the virus. Only 17% would feel comfortable attending such an event while 41% would feel not at all comfortable.

Three in five (61%) Britons would also feel uncomfortable using public transport or going to bars and restaurants. While three in 10 (29%) feel comfortable going out to eat and drink, only 21% would be happy to use public transport to get there.

Young people are most at ease with going to bars and restaurants, 36% of 18 to 34-year olds feel comfortable doing so, compared to only 22% of 55-75s. Similarly, young people are most willing to head to large public gatherings. A quarter of 18-34s (26%) would be comfortable going to a sports match or music event compared to only 9% of 55-75s.

Almost two-thirds (62%) of Britons are comfortable with the idea of meeting friends and family outside of their household, however a third remain sceptical (33%). Around half are comfortable when it comes to shopping; 51% would be at ease with shopping in a supermarket while 49% are happy to go to other shops. However, a further 43% say they will feel uncomfortable shopping in other shops. Four in 10 (39%) would feel uncomfortable shopping in supermarkets.

Despite being most willing to attend large public events and bars/ restaurants, young people are least likely to be comfortable with meeting friends and family outside of their households. While two-thirds (64%) of those aged 35-75 would be happy doing so, only 57% of 18 to 34-year olds are at ease with this.

Half (49%) of those who are currently employed feel comfortable going back to work, a third (35%) would be nervous to do so. When parents/ guardians think about sending their children back to school, more feel uncomfortable than comfortable about doing so. Almost half (48%) express unease while 41% say they would be happy to send their children back.