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British army chief to call for extra funding amid Russian threat

22nd Jan 18 2:40 pm

Amid speculation of potential defence cuts

During his speech at the Royal United Services Institute today, the head of the British Army will be comparing Britain’s military to Russia’s and warn Britain that it must ensure its armed forces can keep up with Russia as it already has better military capabilities in some areas.

According to his speech circulated by the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, Chief of the General Staff Nick Carter is expected to say:

“Our ability to preempt or respond to threats will be eroded if we don’t keep up with our adversaries.

“State-based competition is now being employed in more novel and increasingly integrated ways and we must be ready to deal with them. The threats we face are not thousands of miles away but are now on Europe’s doorstep.

“We have seen how cyber warfare can be both waged on the battlefield and to disrupt normal people’s lives; we in the UK are not immune from that.

“We must take notice of what is going on around us or our ability to take action will be massively constrained. Speed of decision making, speed of deployment and modern capability are essential if we wish to provide realistic deterrence.

“The time to address these threats is now. We cannot afford to sit back.”

The speech comes amid speculation of potential defence cuts.

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