Britain expects countries to want to renegotiate EU trade deals, says David Davis



David Davis told the Lords’ EU select committee today that Britain expects countries to want to renegotiate free trade deals made by the EU after the country leaves the bloc in March 2019.

The Brexit secretary said: “In the case of the big ones (trade agreements), South Korea would be one of them, we would normally expect them to want to do a degree of renegotiation both in terms of our own market access but also in terms of access to them.”

Meanwhile, the EU today denied Britain any vote on EU policy issues during its transition out of the bloc and warned London not to fall behind on outstanding divorce matters.

Regarding this, Davis said that he is set to have an argument with the EU about whether the UK can sign new trade agreements after March 2019.

“Well, there will be an argument about the right to renegotiate or to negotiate free trade agreements, there will be an argument I am sure about the issue of whether or not we can object to new law that we haven’t had a say in, there will be discussions about issues like representation on technical committees; bare in mind that we are very often the prime mover in areas like aviation pharmaceuticals – the regulators tend to be Brits because we’re good at that,” he added.

According to media reports, Davis also dismissed the idea of extending the transition beyond two years this afternoon, saying it ‘isn’t necessary’.