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Brexit: Ryanair to slash Glasgow routes to three putting 300 jobs at risk

27th Feb 18 11:00 am

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Ryanair is scrapping 20 of its 23 Glasgow Airport routes, putting as many as 300 jobs at risk. Only three Glasgow routes – Dublin, Rostov and Krakov— will stay as of November, according to reports.

The Irish budget airline also announced that one aircraft and nine routes will move to Edinburgh Airport instead.

Blaming Brexit and air passenger duty (APD) for the development, Ryanair chief commercial officer David O’Brien said: “We think Brexit is particularly threatening to Scotland and its economy, and particularly to the aviation industry.

“Sadly our Glasgow base will close, about half a million of those passengers will transfer through Edinburgh. The weaker Scottish economy is even weaker in Glasgow and we simply can’t bear the air passenger duty of £13.

“£13 is more than a third of Ryanair’s average fare. So the very very good work of the hardworking management team and staff at Glasgow Airport to produce an efficient airport is undone by a flat tax which pays no attention to the airport charge or the airfare paid by the passenger.

“This should not come as a surprise to the Government. We told the Government our growth at Glasgow was based on their promise to abolish APD which subsequently morphed into a promise to have APD.

“We have lost patience, there are other markets in Europe and the UK which offer more compelling propositions.”

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