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Breaking snooze: Tired nation missing out on 39 billion hours of sleep

4th May 18 8:47 am

Study finds

New research by Sainsbury’s has today revealed that over a third of Brits (38 per cent) believe they never get the recommended eight hours sleep a night. According to the Sainsbury’s Living Well Index, sleep quality is the strongest indictor of living well, yet the nation is missing out on a staggering 39.5 billion hours of sleep every year*. The impact on Brits individually is a loss of 602 hours or 25 days every year.

Research suggests that the nation’s dedication to work is having an impact on sleep patterns:

  • One in five (21 per cent) blame their lack of sleep on worrying about work
  • One in ten (10 per cent) check or reply to work emails in bed
  •  A quarter (25 per cent) say they rely on caffeinated products to simply get them through the day
  • ‘The Sunday Dreads’ – 17 per cent admit this is the night they often get the least amount of sleep
  • Eight per cent have even fallen asleep during a meeting due to not getting a good night’s sleep

Young professionals are the most sleep deprived age-group with 54 per cent of 18-24 year olds admitting that they don’t get enough sleep. Interestingly, the most sleep deprived region was identified as the East Midlands which residents say is due to general stress and stress caused by their partners. 

Brits say they are most likely to get a good night’s sleep on ‘Fresh Fridays’ (16 per cent), and 23 per cent said they get a better night’s sleep when they have spent time winding down before bed. To aid Brits on their journey to an  enjoyable night’s sleep, Sainsbury’s has partnered with AromaWorks to develop a luxury, all natural essential oils range. The brand new Balance by AromaWorks collection has been created exclusively for the supermarket and expertly created to help aid relaxation and a dreamworthy night’s sleep.

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