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Boyd brothers relaunch the Australian comparison site CreditCardCompare.com.au

by Sarah Dunsby
14th Mar 24 4:18 pm

In February, Australia’s popular credit card comparison site CreditCardCompare.com.au was relaunched by the Boyd brothers Andrew, David and Gareth Boyd. The online relaunch has ushered in speculation on the future of the credit card market in Australia.

In 2018, Credit Card Compare acquired Finty.com and merged CreditCardCompare.com.au into Finty in 2019, the popular comparison site released a statement at the time explaining their approach, so it begs the question of why the Boyd brothers have suddenly reversed and relaunched their once popular platform

CreditCardCompare.com.au boasts an impressive history

David Boyd, co-founder and Managing Director has commented, in words quoted by CMO Australia: “For the past decade, we’ve focused on building and refining our sophisticated technology and credit card database to create a way for Australian consumers to make more informed credit card choices according to their lifestyle and financial situation.” He added that the site now has more than 2 million visits annually.

Credit Card Compare quickly grew over the years to become one of the most popular credit card comparison sites in Australia, with over 2 million visits from Aussies looking to compare credit cards.

The team at Credit Card Compare was one of the first platforms to offer a credit check app in Australia, inspired by competitors in the UK market.

What can we expect with Credit Card Compare coming back?

They are clearly indicating to the Australian market that they are back and going to change things up in the Australian comparison market, which is well overdue. They have recruited their youngest brother, Gareth Boyd, as Head of Growth.

According to Wired, Gareth Boyd is an SEO expert, which speaks volumes about how seriously they are taking their relaunch. All three brothers are experienced digital marketers by trade, and this should only work to their advantage in such a competitive market.

A representative for CreditCardCompare.com.au, speaking on behalf of the Boyd brothers, expressed enthusiasm for the recent advancements, stating, “These are indeed exciting times for everyone at Credit Card Compare. The relaunch has been met with exceptional positivity from our team, filling us with immense joy. With the Boyd brothers combining their collective expertise, we are in a great position to re-establish our presence in the Australian market. Our flagship brand, a name Australians know and trust, is at the forefront of this resurgence.”

With a massive growth in credit card usage and new applications, it appears the Boyd brothers have timed their relaunch of CreditCardCompare.com.au to perfection.

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