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PM’s days are numbered as ‘no one likes him’ and ‘he has no support base inside the Commons,’ his own MPs say

12th Dec 21 2:25 pm

The Prime Minister has been savaged by his very own Tory MPs as “no one likes him” and “he has no support inside the House of Commons.”

Boris Johnson has been heavily criticised for “Tory sleaze” over numerous claims of parties in No.10 and breaking electoral law.

A former Cabinet Minister, who is now a backbencher, said that while Johnson has survived numerous rocky periods, every scandal has now added up, he warned.

On Tuesday Johnson is facing a rebellion in the Commons as will desperately try to puch through new restrictions and will have to rely on Labour votes plus is looking at heavy scrutiny over his handling of the pandemic.

It has been reported that five MPs who Johnson appointed in 2019 have written letters demanding he quits, according toTory sources.

It has also been claimed that every time a leader gets “battered and bruised,” more MPs start to think they are not “up to it.”

Another senior Tory reportedly told the i, “The trouble is, no one likes him. He has never been an MP who gets along with people, so it means he has no support base inside the Commons.”

Another Tory MP said the current mood within the Conservatives is quite similar to Theresa May’s final days.

The Tory MP slammed Johnson and said, “Two years on almost to the day from Boris’s biggest triumph he has, not to put too fine a point on it, f***ed it. 

“His chances of making the next election have slipped well below 50-50. He is treating the British public like he has his previous relationships and it’s not an edifying sight.”

The former Prime Minister Theresa May and her allies are plotting to oust Boris Johnson from his position, it has been reported, in what the Tories have dubbed this “Operation Revenge,” it has been reported.

A political expert has claimed this is because of the series of allegations Johnson and his aides broke the lockdown laws in 2020.

The Times reported, that friends of May have stated that she is still angry in the way she was forced out of Downing Street by Brexiteers.

Johnson is under immense political pressure over many accusations he held a Christmas party as millions were abiding by the Covid rules when London was in Teir 3 lockdown.

As a result of the allegations, allies of May have said they will now submit “letters of no confidence in Johnson” if the Tories lose the North Shropshire by-election to the Liberal Democrats on Thursday as they are now the favourites to win.

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