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Boris arrives in Scotland defying Sturgeon over non-essential travel

28th Jan 21 2:21 pm

The Prime Minister has defied Scotland’s First Minister requests for Boris Johnson not to travel to the country as it is deemed a “non-essential trip.”

Sturgeon questioned whether Johnson’s journey to Scotland was an essential trip.

She said during her briefing, “We are living in a global pandemic and every day I stand and look down the camera and say ‘don’t travel unless it is essential, work from home if you possibly can’.

“That has to apply to all of us. People like me and Boris Johnson have to be in work for reasons people understand, but we don’t have to travel across the UK. We have a duty to lead by example.”

However, the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said it is a “fundamental part” for Johnson’s job to go out to communities.

“These are COVID-related visits. You’ve seen the prime minister do a number of them over the past few weeks.

“It is obviously important that he is continuing to meet and see those who are on the front line in terms of those who are providing tests, in terms of those who are working so hard to deliver the vaccination plan.”

Johnson visited a Lighthouse Laboratory which is used to process Covid tests, and then met staff at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

Despite Sturgeon telling Johnson to abide by the same rules that political leaders ask of the public, Michael Gove defended the Prime Minister.

Speaking to Sky News, Gove said, “The prime minister has a responsibility and a role to make sure the vaccine roll-out is proceeding appropriately, to thank those on the front line, NHS professionals and those in the British Army who are making sure things work well.

“It’s also important the prime minister hears from those on the front line what is going well and what needs to improve.

“When the prime minister visits other parts of the United Kingdom, other political leaders don’t criticise him, indeed there is a welcome for the prime minister and other ministers who are rolling up their sleeves and are getting in touch with those on the ground who are making a difference.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also defended Johnson travelling to Scotland for his one day trip and said, I am “with the prime minister on this one.”

Sir Keir told LBC Radio, “He is the prime minister of the UK. It’s important that he travels to see what is going on, on the ground.”

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